ForeCourt Racquet and Fitness - October 2017

October 2017


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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained MAKE IT A MEANINGFUL OCTOBER

physically and mentally. Our instructors will help you get there. With only a few months left in the year, there’s still time to reach your goals, so be brave enough to venture out and reach them. Thank you to everybody who has given feedback about the new courts; from the rave reviews, it sounds like you are enjoying them! We’re always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I look forward to seeing you at Fore Court for matches and group exercise classes. Together, we’ll meet your fitness goals. See you on the courts! -Dave Morin “ We went out on a limb for our members because we knew it would make a big difference for your game.

One of my dad’s big sayings was, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” That’s how we approached our decision to resurface the tennis courts. We went out on a limb for our members because we knew it would make a big difference for your game. The support that we’ve gotten from you in return has been positive and overwhelming. Reflecting on my dad’s legacy, I know he would be proud to see the new courts being enjoyed and our family flourishing. Growing up with this business and watching my dad carefully implement each idea makes it very meaningful to be at the helm of it today. Inside this issue, there are even more improvements to share. Check out the Club Happenings for exciting updates about group exercise and the free- weight area. We also have some tips for preventing injury and improving your game, just in time for the championships. Make this a meaningful month for your fitness by showing up for each workout,

Are you enjoying fall as much as I am? Our season is underway, and I love seeing everyone back on the courts. It’s great to see them being enjoyed again! I can tell you’ve been practicing, even in the off-season. October is a meaningful month for me. This time last year, our granddaughter was born, and it’s hard to believe she is turning 1 this month. Because my oldest son and his family live only 50 miles away, we get to see her fairly often, and my wife is very content to be her No. 1 babysitter. This little girl is representative of the future of our family and the next generation. I’m so proud of what our family has become. Watching my granddaughter reminds me of my own childhood, and especially of my father. October is the month he passed away, and I think of him more this time of year. As I’ve shared with you, this club was his vision, and my life has been devoted to maintaining and adding to what he built.

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