Accelerate your productivity Optimize fleet performance and minimize expense with an efficient partnered fleet approach. Fleet Study—4-Step Analysis Partnered results through Statistical Fleet Census identify economic value and opportunities with benchmark metrics to establish “right-sized” optimal performing fleet. 1. Forklift fleet audit 2. Warehouse analysis 3. Equipment optimization - 5r strategy—retain, replace, replace on failure, rotate or retire 4. Cost reduction Material Flow Study Solution-based, lean initiatives utilizing the right tools, equipment and methodology to realize safe and efficient plant processes. ▶ Reorganize facility layout for most efficient material flow Fleet, leasing & maintenance Leasing Strategies Comprehensive range of financial solutions. ▶ Operating leases ▶ Capital leases ▶ Flex leases ▶ Rent-to-purchase programs Total Maintenance & Repair Plans We take care of your fleet while you focus on your business. ▶ Complete telemetrics reporting system ▶ TM&R Plan options to effectively budget year after year - Guaranteed plans - Step-rate plans - Budget plans

Fleet dashboard reports include quantitative / identifiable fleet metrics

▶  Monthly service expense ▶ Utilization - AOL ▶  Cost per hours ▶  Expense breakdown

▶  Total equipment expense ▶  Action steps ▶  Avoidable expenses ▶ & more

Services offered

Partnership agreements

Lease programs Operating Finance Long-term rentals Flexible Multi-lease Fleet agreements Step Adjustable

Special agreements for allied products, parts, training, service & rentals

Fixed-monthly Rate-per-hour


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