Surrey Registration Service Bereavement Guide

The Death Notification Service for Financial Institutions The Death Notification Service has been created to allow you to notify of a person’s death to a number of banks and building societies (financial institutions) at the same time. Their aim is to make the process quick and easy for you to inform them at a time that suits you. Please visit Note: This service is separate from the Tell Us Once service which notifies Government departments only. Health Services • Tell the deceased’s doctor and any other health service provider they may have used, such as local hospital, dentist and chiropodist. • Return any equipment the deceased may have borrowed from a hospital, clinic or Social Services. • Cancel any services received from Social Services, such as meals-on-wheels, transport or care assistants. Money There are several financial organisations that may need to be informed. These organisations will request to see a copy of the death certificate and include: • The Inland Revenue as there may be an income tax refund due (visit or call 0300 123 1072).

• Banks, Building Societies, credit card companies, insurers, Post Office savings, premium bonds, stocks and shares. • The HM Revenues and Customs Deceased Estates Helpline is 0300 123 1072 or you can visit to get advice and information on all tax matters relating to an estate. Houses and Household Bills • Ask the Post Office to redirect the deceased’s mail or you can register yourself online by visiting • Use the Bereavement Register to stop unwanted junk mail or directmailingsarrivingat thedeceased’shomeaddress–please call 020 7089 6403 or visit uk to apply for this service. • The Registration Service will notify the Council Tax Department of a person’s death. However, you may wish to contact them directly to discuss any outstanding monies owed, refunds or reductions in Council Tax Charges. • Depending on the deceased’s circumstances, you may need to speak to a council housing department, housing association, mortgage company or private landlord. • Tell the deceased’s gas, electric, water and telephone provider. • Cancel any deliveries of heating oil. • Inform the insurance company that provides the household insurance. • Update HM Land Registry information if the deceased was a joint or sole owner of a property by visiting update-property-records-someone-dies.


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