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Concrete Paving

StoneMaster paving in Light Grey, Mid Grey and Dark Grey

STONEMASTER ® Contemporary paving that’s long on style, quality and durability.

StoneMaster is a long aspect paving which can be used to create the illusion of more space in your garden. Available in three grey shades to replicate natural granite, they’re sold in single colour packs which you can mix to create the perfect look. Available in 800x200mm single sized pavers. It’s also treated with Bradstone Surface Protection to make it less susceptible to stains from oil, grease and moss. Looking to use Stonemaster to transform your driveway? Head over to page 111 to find out more about Stonemaster Block paving designed specifically to be a hard wearing alternative to Stonemaster Paving.

For technical details go to page 166.

Light Grey (LG)

Mid Grey (MG)

Dark Grey (DG)

StoneMaster paving in Light Grey


NOTE: This paving is sold in single colour packs. To achieve the appearance shown in the image please order packs of all 3 shades.


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