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Driveway Block Paving

Monksbridge block paving in Woodland, installed by Bradstone Assured landscaper Down To Earth –

MONKSBRIDGE A bridge to the look and style of yesteryear. Monksbridge is perfect for the driveways of traditionally styled properties. With its subtle hues and authentic weather worn appearance, this distinctive block paving adds the rustic flair of a bygone age. It’s available in five shades, all of which come in a pack that includes four different sizes. It’s the ideal solution if you’re looking for a rumbled look paving without the added cost. Monksbridge can also be used to create a natural stone courtyard effect in a garden setting.

For technical details go to page 176.

Cinder (Cin)

Royale (Roy)

Croft (Cro)

Woodland (Wo)

Grey-Green (GG)

Monksbridge block paving in Grey-Green with Woodland border, installed by Bradstone Assured landscaper Evans Innovation Landscaping –


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