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Driveway Block Paving



PROGROUT FLEXIBLE ProGrout Flexible is an exterior tile grout with increased flexibility, providing a stronger, virtually impermeable set for your patio.

Premjoint is an easy-to-use, brush-in jointing compound with enhanced workability, suitable for use with most types of paving.

It’s available in two attractive colours – Storm Grey and Natural Cashmere, designed to complement any patio shade.

It’s suitable for joints from 1-20mm and a depth of up to 20mm. Each tub contains 9kg.

It comes in a 15kg waterproof tub, handily formulated so that any left over compound can be stored and reused within its shelf life.

*COVERAGE Typically 8.5m 2 . Example: a 15.3m 2 patio pack with 10-15mm joints that are 22mm deep will require two tubs. Each tub contains two foil bags with a coverage of 4.25m 2 per bag.

Natural Cashmere (NC)

Storm Grey (StG)

Limestone (L)

Silver (S)

Charcoal (C)



High performance open graded aggregates specifically designed to provide controlled water management within Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Bradbond is a cementitious slurry primer that can be used on any paving product to help strengthen the bond between the paving and the sub-base onto which the patio is being laid. Bradbond should be applied to the whole underside of all Porcelain, Smooth Natural Sandstone, Natural Slate, Riverwashed Limestone and Granite paving prior to laying to improve adhesion to the mortar bed. Bradbond is so easy to use. You simply add water (refer to tub instructions) to the already blended mixture that comes in the tub and apply it with a brush to the back of each slab before you lay them. One 17kg tub will cover a nominal 12.75m 2 of paving, when applied with a thickness of 3mm.

Superflow Bedding Aggregate A 2-6mm crushed angular aggregate designed for permeable block paving.

Superflow Drainage Agg A 4-20mm crushed angular aggregate designed for permeable block paving.

Superflow Joint Agg A 3mm high performance washed aggregate which is designed for jointing Bradstone Infilta block paving to allow permeability.


Bradbond walling adhesive is a flexible cladding adhesive for external floor and wall applications. It’s specially formulated to make it easy to work with when fixing brick slips and natural stone to a range of substrates including sand/cement render, brick or block work. Simply mix 4.42 litres of clean water with each 17kg tub and apply 1m 2 at a time to a thickness of 3-20mm before leaving for 16 hours to set.

*COVERAGE Typical coverage per tub is 4.25m 2 at a depth of 3mm

IMPORTANT: Drainage Aggregate (base), Bedding Aggregate (top layer) and Jointing Aggregate are for the permeable block paving (Infilta) only. For more information visit


IMPORTANT: Before using any of the Bradbond or Bradpoint products please read and follow the instructions on the packaging. Usage information can also be found at

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