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BRADSTONE PEDESTALS A system of adjustable paving supports that can be adapted to suit your space. Ideal for roof balconies, terraces and in the right situation even patios, Bradstone Pedestals can be laid in all types of weather conditions. Made of 80% recycled material, our Bradstone Pedestals work especially well with our Porcelain range* We offer two ranges of pedestals; our premium range has a built-in slope corrector to level any falls back to zero and help simplify the installation process. This range comes in a variety of heights from 17mm all the way up to an extraordinary 1070mm. We also have a standard range that is particularly suitable for areas where you wish to maintain a fall or are already level. This range is available for required heights from 15mm-955mm. Both use spacer tabs inserted on the head of the pedestal to maintain a consistent gap between the pavers and allow surface water to pass through to the substrate below to be drained away, and rubber shims in 1 & 2mm for levelling and to ensure a solid finish underfoot. These also deaden sound especially key if you are installing onto a roof area. For more information go to .

Standard Adjustable Pedestal

Premium Adjustable Pedestal (with slope corrector)

Spacer tab


*excluding Romeli and Madera Antigua


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