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Easier weeding and watering Lay mulch or bark chips in flower beds to lessen the need to weed or water

Accessible Garden The

Great garden design is all about flow. And when it comes to designing a space that everyone can enjoy it means putting accessibility front of mind. By designing a space that is everything from wheelchair-friendly to child safe and reduced mobility focused, how you move around the garden and the activities you want to do in it are considered.

Planters at the perfect height Raise your planters to just the right height to reach from a standing or sitting position. This is perfect for children and those who want to avoid kneeling.

Meet Jonathan Paralympic gold medalist and new garden enthusiast.

Edging around paths and borders Consider Mode Profiled edging to create a barrier between surfaces, preventing soil, stones or bark from encroaching onto the path.

Jonathan Coggan called upon Bradstone Assured Landscaper, Paul Reynolds from Strong Base Driveways & Landscaping to find the perfect paving for his garden and to incorporate wheelchair-friendly and more accessible elements into the design. “I wanted a garden that I could easily move around and make the most of different areas. As well as space to relax and entertain, I wanted a reliable path to the summer house to eat and drink in the evenings as well as easy access to the hot tub, and raised planters to grow my own food.” Jonathan wanted the overall paving design to have a contemporary feel. As well as being wheelchair-friendly, it also needed to be safe and accessible for his family and nieces and nephews to enjoy too. About his Bradstone experience Jonathan said: “I’m spoilt for choice to pick a favourite part of the finished garden! I love seeing the garden from different angles, following the path of the sunshine and relaxing in different areas. And Paul and the team were great, we all worked together really well!”

Entertainment zones everyone can enjoy Whether it’s a seating area, summer house or a hot tub, create zones that are accessible to everyone.

Slopes for easy access Smooth level changes for pushchairs or wheelchairs to travel over easily.

We wanted to thank Jonathan for the use of his garden. He suggested that we donate the money from this project to the charity that saved his life, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.


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