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An expert’s view of how to design an accessible garden

The perfect surface texture

“The surface texture of Bradstone Porcelain Tephra is perfect to give some grip to the tyres on a wheelchair and underfoot, yet smooth enough to move over easily. A deeper riven finish on the surface of the slabs can make it harder work to turn wheels by hand, particularly if going uphill.”

There are a number of important elements to

consider when creating an accessible space. Everything from the surface texture to the angle of sloped areas and the jointing between pavers need to be considered.

Laying with accessibility in mind “Applying narrower joints in between paving ensures a smoother journey over the paving in a wheelchair. Also, by keeping all gravel drainage out of the main path it avoids the wheels needing to cross this type of surface.” “Ramped areas are also essential for creating a consistent path to travel the whole garden. Gentle up and down slopes should be paved by the entrance to the garden from the home and for access to entertainment zones such as a summer house.” Accessibility within every detail “When building raised planters, consider the height for both a sitting and standing postion. Something like a hot tub can also be lowered into the ground, making it easier to enter and exit for everyone.”

Bradstone Assured Landscaper Paul talks us through each of these considerations.

“As a team, we built a life-changing garden that will give immense joy and pleasure to a deserving owner. Seeing Jonathan move out of the house and then travel easily around his garden, as well as comfortably reaching plants and vegetables in the bespoke raised beds was brilliant.” Paul Reynolds Strong Base Driveways & Landscaping Bradstone Assured Landscaper

We used Tephra paving in Light and Dark Grey to complement the exterior of Jonathans’ house. See page 55 for more details.


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