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Product Images The designs shown in the brochure are for illustrative purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all content in this guide, however due to varying light conditions it is not always possible to show the true colours of products in a photograph. Before ordering please always view a sample of current stock. You can do this in several ways: By ordering a FREE sample from or by calling 01335 372289 or by visiting a display at your local stockist (to find your nearest stockist visit ) Cost Your local stockist will be able to advise on product pricing. However, to give you an indication of price we include a £ icon on each product showing its value. The more £s a product has, the more premium it is considered to be. Please be aware that paving is just one element of the total cost and is rarely the largest outlay. It's usually about 20% of the cost of the whole project. Sizes and joint widths Size dimensions quoted within this brochure are nominal and for guidance only. Actual sizes will vary, particularly where riven profiles and fettled edges are a feature of the product. Always dry lay the product to check area required (especially circles and patio kits). See joint widths recommended for products in the technical information. All m 2 coverage is approximate and may vary. All our products are manufactured to industry standard tolerances. General information Bradstone products and materials, unless otherwise stated, are for domestic landscaping and driveway projects. Decorative flag paving and some edgings are not recommended for use on driveways. All products must be checked on arrival and in the unlikely event of products reaching you in a less than satisfactory condition, please refer to your stockist immediately, allowing time for the rejected product to be replaced. When you receive your product you may notice minor scuffing on the surface. This can occur due to movement in transit and will generally disappear in time. De-icing salts should not be used on any of the Bradstone product range. Bradstone does not recommend the use of jet/ power washers as this may affect the surface of the product over time. All products can develop algae and organic growths under certain environmental conditions and may require cleaning. Areas adjacent to borders, plant pots and trees may discolour from transfer of plant life; specialist maintenance advice may need to be sought.

Aggregate Industries cannot accept responsibility for any of the above conditions. Should you require further advice in this area call our customer care team on 01335 372289. Health and safety Due to the nature of our products we always recommend suitable lifting equipment be used for larger products such as 1200 x 600mm and 900 x 900mm pavers. We recommend the use of lifting equipment such as a vacuum lift. • Always wear gloves and safety footwear when handling the product. • Always wear safety goggles, safety footwear, gloves, ear protection and appropriate respiratory protection when using cutting equipment.


As part of the Aggregate Industries group, we can also offer ready-mixed concrete and asphalt surfacing materials for your garden or driveway project.

• Ensure the products are on level ground and retained in some way before removing any packaging.

If you’re looking for concrete for a shed base, a garden path or for the foundations of your garden walls then our concrete service can deliver direct to your door. Simply visit and we can help guide you to the right concrete mix and help you calculate how much concrete you will need. If you’re thinking of asking your landscaper to install an asphalt driveway or pathway then our Express Asphalt service offers them collection locations across the country. All our plants offer service guarantees that mean your landscaper will receive the most reliable service the industry has to offer.

• Always handle with care as breakage and chipping may result from mishandling.

Order Choice The Bradstone Order Choice service means that at an additional cost you can order certain products from any Bradstone stockist, even if they do not actually stock that particular product. Simply ask your stockist.

Please note: We do not split patio feature kits.

Bradstone Assured terms and conditions Bradstone Assured landscapers are subject to regular quality checks and assessments and are required to abide by the Bradstone Assured terms and conditions of membership at all times. Bradstone offers a 10 year guarantee on all Bradstone products Installed by Bradstone Assured landscapers with the exception of Peak and a 5 year guarantee on the installation of Bradstone products by a Bradstone Assured landscaper for a reasonable domestic use. All guarantees are subject to a completed card being returned to the Bradstone offices and a certificate having been issued. Terms and conditions apply please see our website for more details. Each Bradstone Assured landscaper is directly responsible for the management of the relationship with their customers and any enquiries. Please note that the resulting legal contract is between you and the Bradstone Assured landscaper and is subject to the terms and conditions of that member. They will advise you of these conditions themselves. You should carefully review their terms and conditions applying to the purchase of your products and/or services. Claims or suggestions should be addressed directly to the Bradstone Assured landscaper providing the relevant products or services.

For more information or advice on our concrete services, please call 0345 939 0014 . For asphalt enquiries please call 08450 757 799 or simply visit

For advice on cleaning and general maintenance of your patio please refer to our website.

Please note: Pointing materials are not covered in the Bradstone Assured Guarantee.


For more information, visit

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