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Is chronic pain plaguing you? Pain is your body’s way of saying, “Houston, we have a problem!” The problem must be corrected for the pain to go away. Most of us believe that time will resolve the problem. That is not true anymore than letting a broken down car sit in the driveway thinking it will fix itself if given enough time! You have pain, we have solutions. We have many tools to help fix the pain that has been causing your problems. Some of our treatments are exclusive to our practice alone and our therapists are trained to utilize the tools that will get you results. Some of our tools include: Manual therapy - The use of using our hands to help reduce tight areas by mobilizing tightness in the joints and stretching tight muscles. Dry Needling - Similar to acupuncture, we use small needles to bring blood flow to areas

that have had restricted blood flow allowing the body to restore the normal homeostasis that in essence hits the “reset button” creating healing of the tissues. ASTYM - Using tools to find restrictions in the muscles and tendons and stripping out the buildup of fascial restrictions and stimulates the body to release hormones that create healing in the tissues. This reduces pain and creates new capillary flow promoting lasting healing. Exercise Prescription - Exercises that are specific to your weaknesses and loss of motion that lead to new patterns of movement. This may include balance, strengthening, or improving the communication from the joints to the brain that are lost with injury. Don’t accept living with pain anymore! We have solutions for your pain! Don’t delay, call today!

You Don’t Need A Prescription! In the state of Oklahoma you can seek physical therapy first, without a physician referral, to get the help you need quickly!

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