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November has arrived! For most, this means starting to pull on the heavier coats and sweaters and dusting off those winter boots in preparation for the cold weather that likely has already arrived. For a growing group of men around the world, this means grabbing the shaving cream and a new razor and enjoying a clean shave on November 1st, for everything besides that bushel of hair above their upper lip… In 2003, an Australian based NGO called The Movember Foundation charity was born. Their goal was to recruit “Mo Bros” who are men of any age to grow moustaches for the month of November and collect pledges in support of men’s health awareness. In 2007, The Movember Foundation expanded their charity into Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Europe,Taiwan and Israel. As of 2011 Canada was the top contributor and in 2012 The Movember Foundation was listed as one of the top 100 global NGOs by the Global Journal. The physiotherapists at SOS are “Mo Bros” with “mo” years of experience than many when it comes to insulating their upper lips. Every November they put together a team, “The Moebilizers” and don their best moustaches in support of creating awareness for men’s health. This includes several different areas of men’s health like prostate cancer, encouraging regular examinations for testicular cancer, as well as men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

“Men’s health is in crisis. Men are dying on average 6 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons. Unchecked, prostate cancer rates will double over the next 15 years. Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50. And across the world, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 75% of all suicides.” Reports the Movember Foundation. So if you’re wondering what YOU can do to support the “Mo Bros” at SOS? Always remember to compliment and commend their efforts at cultivating and maintaining their lip foliage…Maybe even grow a crumb catcher of your own perhaps? We all know that imitation is the biggest form of flattery.. Remember, moustaches come in all colours, shapes and sizes and every hair counts in support of this great cause! So get “Moe-vin” and Donate to support the “Moebilizers” and accelerate change for men’s health around the world at:

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