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A Suit for My Father A Tribute to the Quality My Dad Appreciates


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I n my family, we aren’t prone to buying expensive gifts for each other. It’s not really our style. But a couple of years ago, I decided to go all out for my dad on Father’s Day by having him fitted for a tailored suit.Why the exception? To understand, you need to understand my father. My dad, Bob Bollinger, Sr., has always been a hard worker. He only had a high school education and did physical labor all his life, first as a boat motor mechanic and then as a nurseryman and landscaper. During his lifetime, there’s one thing my dad always appreciated: quality. He really noticed when something was well-made.After my dad got married, he learned construction and carpentry to build the house I grew up in.The house was put together thoughtfully, and you could see it in the details. My dad built the house with a full basement, hardwood floors, cedar-lined closets, and a pit for indoor grilling. He learned all he could about carpentry, sheetrock, roofing, and bricklaying before building his home, and he even built a bridge over the stream at the front of our house that still stands today. I’ve always taken pride in doing things right. I worked very hard and graduated with honors from law school, and as the owner of a law firm, I want to work with other people who do their best every time. I’m proud of all I do for my clients. My dad taught me this work ethic by example. Dad appreciates good workmanship, but he hasn’t always been able to afford it. My dad put all four of his kids through college, and for his birthday and Father’s Day, I decided to shell out for something every man needs: a suit.And not just any suit — a tailored one made of quality materials. Dad takes pride in and has high standards for his own work, and taught his kids to do the same.

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704-377-7677 • Toll-free: 1-866-326-3090 • 1 – Bob Bollinger To all the hard workers and fathers of the world, happy Father’s Day! I enlisted the services of Calvin McAlister, a clothier from Hickory whom I’ve worked with for years. He came over to Dad’s, measured him for the suit, and talked to him about materials and details. Calvin was pleasant, meticulous, and responsive to my budgetary constraints. If you’re ever in the market for an extraordinary suit, I encourage you to give him a call at 828-323-9741 or visit his website at The result was a classy, conservative, grayish blue suit that looks great on Dad.We did the package deal and got some custom shirts with a monogram on the cuff and a couple of ties as well. When it was all put together and ready, I wrote Calvin a check. My mom pointed out that it was a lot of money to spend on a gift, and she was right. But I wanted to get it for my dad because I knew he would appreciate the quality. Plus, he makes great use of it. Every wedding, funeral, special occasion, or church service we see him at, he’s wearing the suit. In the end, it’s only a suit, but I am glad I had the ability to give it to him. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without watching my dad work so hard all those years, and my law firm wouldn’t be the same either. bobby-bollinger-1739108.html

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