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DIY Foods That Save Money

DIY Foods That Save Money

How to Cut Out Expensive Premade Staples

Food is one of the biggest expenses for every family. An easy way to cut down on costs is to make items you normally buy premade. Here are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to an inflated grocery bill.

They are a lot cheaper. And making hummus couldn’t be easier. Place one can of chickpeas, ¼ cup of tahini, the juice of one lemon, and two tablespoons of olive oil in a blender. Mix until smooth and add salt to taste.

Salad Dressing Savings per bottle: $3

Granola Savings per box: $5

Not only is bottled dressing expensive, but it’s often packed with additives you want to avoid. Dressing is a simple formula: oil, plus acid (vinegar or lemon juice), plus other added flavors. You’ll be shocked how easy and delicious it is to make.

It’s a great breakfast option, and one that comes with a steep markup, but granola doesn’t even require cooking. Combine oats, dried fruit, and nuts, and you’re done.You can also add honey and bake the mixture, and then you have homemade granola bars.

out. Cube it, toss in some olive oil, and bake it into croutons. Alternately, crush it up and use it to bread meats or make stuffing. The next time you’re at the market, ask yourself which items in your basket can just as easily be made at home. Put in the effort to do it yourself, and your checkbook and taste buds will thank you.

Hummus Savings per tub: $3.50

Breadcrumbs and Croutons Savings per jar: $2.50

Hummus pairs with nearly everything, but can cost $5 per tub. Canned chickpeas and tahini paste?

The price of breadcrumbs is outrageous. When your loaf of sourdough goes stale, don’t throw it

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