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Welcome to Rowden House School

The choice about which school to send your child to is an extremely important one for any parent or carer. We hope that this prospectus will provide you with the necessary information as to why Rowden House could be the right place for your child. We provide individualised care and education programmes for children and young people aged 11 to 19 years, with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

Our Aims At Rowden House we believe that every child has a right to live a fulfilling life, and develop their full potential educationally, emotionally and physically through:

Establishing a safe and stable environment.

Providing a firm foundation for ongoing social and

educational progress.

We are able to offer a range of placement options including:

Ensuring consistency and continuity across both

Day Placements

 52 weeks residential – Full residential care; our sites are registered children’s homes  38 week residential – Part time residential care  39 to 51 week residential – where there is a need to provide additional residential support to meet the needs of the young person and their family Our facilities and collective knowledge and expertise enable us to guide our youngsters through long term programmes of formal and informal education and development. We encourage all our children to develop a positive self image, promoting their ability to express their personal preferences through informed choice. This develops confidence enabling people to realise their full potential and grow into happy and healthy adults. The only way to be sure about which school is right for your child is to see for yourself. Please contact the school to arrange a visit or ask any questions you may have.

educational and residential areas.

 Individualising programmes to suit the child’s needs and

ensuring progression.

Developing communication through a ‘total

communication’ approach.

 Improving undesirable behaviours with support from the

Psychology Department.

Self– evaluating progress on a continuous basis

‘Leaders have a clear view of the school’s overall effectiveness. They are rightly proud of their workforce and the outcomes that they secure for pupils.’

Education and care designed just for you

Martin Carter

Ofsted Education 2017

Head of Rowden House School and Herefordshire Adult Homes

Updated August 2019 Created September 2016

‘The curriculum has been designed to support the academic and personal development of pupils. The promotion and development of pupils’ communication skills is at the heart of all plans. Staff have devised termly plans with a topic approach. Teachers use these long term plans to devise activities that support the development of pupils’ knowledge and skills day to day. Every pupil has an individual learning plan that clearly sets out how and when skills will be taught.’

Ofsted Education 2017

Updated August 2019 Created September 2016

Learning for Life

Our approach to education ensures that learning experiences extend beyond the classroom to encompass every opportunity for students to develop to their full potential. Communication skills are a priority in our learning programmes. Our Speech and Language Therapists assess students and focus on developing skills. This is underpinned by a range of strategies in a total communication environment. Challenging behaviours are addressed by implementing individually focussed positive programmes. These are developed with our Education Psychologist who supports staff to ensure a consistent approach in all environments. In addition, our incident recording system enables us to provide detailed records of behaviours and outcomes so these can be analysed and appropriate solutions implemented. We provide lots of opportunities for our students to demonstrate and celebrate their achievements. Together with the young person, parents, teachers, carers, social workers and key workers we establish annual objectives for the young person and individual education and care plans identify learning targets which are assessed and developed throughout the year. In Key Stage 3 the curriculum follows a topic based approach. In Key Stages 4 and 5 programmes of study are based on the EQUALS Curriculum Framework. Campus facilities include an ICT room, designated craft areas and a sensory room. Our young people are able to exercise in our purpose built leisure barn and relax in our play room and UV (dark) room.

‘ Teachers have a wide range of strategies in place to ensure that pupils’ communication skills are developed. Through a combination of sign language, visual timetables and other communication systems, pupils effectively manage the school day and make broadly strong rates of progress.’

Giving you a voice

Ofsted Education 2017

Celebrate your achievements

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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning at West Midlands Learning Campus is offered to all students and offers a fantastic opportunity for all to experience and learn in a woodland environment. The main ethos of outdoor learning is to foster learning through exploration and play. This allows the students to learn new skills but to also to discover and learn from the woodland for themselves. The students at West Midlands Learning Campus have taken ownership of the area. Since September, they have begun to clear and work within the outdoor learning area. They have developed a shelter building space where they learn to do lashing using string to tie branches together to make shelters. They have also cleared a space where they can do woodland art work and learn new skills such as tracking. Each session of outdoor learning promotes the students to explore the area by themselves through the use of different games. The area is also a natural learning environment with the pupils learning about the different flora and fauna within the area. The pupils have sourced wood from the area and used it to make different art and craft which has been sold at the school fete. The outdoor learning area is under constant development as more areas are cleared and new pathways established. This offers new and exciting opportunities for the all the students at the West Midlands Learning Campus to access.

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Preparing You For Work

Key skills for adulthood

Work-related learning is an important component of the Rowden House School post sixteen curriculum and promotes key skills in preparation for adulthood. Our post sixteen provision includes a very successful work experience program managed by our own work experience co-ordinator, who goes to great lengths to ensure the suitability of each young person to their work placement.. We currently have six local businesses supporting us including two farms, a café, an elderly care home, a mail order company and a medical equipment supplier, all of whom provide outstanding opportunities for our young people to benefit from the experience of a real working environment. Those students deemed not ‘work ready’ have accessed our on-site work facilities with our maintenance team and health and safety officer. Each participating student has a tailor made program including information packs, any communication aids, equipment or clothing necessary, regular feedback sessions with both students and placement providers and is supported at the placement by a member of the Rowden education team. Our work experience scheme has proved over the years to have enhanced our young people’s confidence, communication and development of teamwork skills and has created awareness within the community of what the young people at Rowden House School can achieve.

Work experience is a key strength of the sixth form. The school’s effective work has been disseminated to other schools within the SENAD group…… The sixth form prepares students well for the next stage of their lives. There is a sharp focus on developing decision making and life skills. This helps students feel ready for transition to adulthood.’

Ofsted Education 2017

Updated August 2019 Created September 2016

Residential Provision

Our students live in small group residential bungalows built around a central courtyard. We create homely environments that provide life skills training as well as having all the home comforts you would expect. We encourage our students to follow as many family experiences as are practically possible. Each home has a Manager who reports to the Registered Manager. Our permanent care teams are organised on a unit basis and each student has a Key worker whose role is to liaise with families and support agencies and monitor health needs. Our care team and education team work closely together to ensure there is a consistent approach throughout the day and night. We encourage family contact and can offer free overnight accommodation to parents and carers in our five bedded lodge cottage which is based at the entrance to the school and in caravans situated on the campus. We can also arrange for students to be escorted on journeys to and from home. It is essential that young people have a voice and a say in how their home is run. Their Key Worker has an essential role in acting as their advocate and ensuring their views are made known. We arrange regular key working sessions for each young person, this may be for the young person to spend time with their Key Worker having fun or for the young person to share thoughts and wishes. Each young person has a room of their own which is personalised for them from the start of their time at the School.

Home from home

Invite your family

‘Young people benefit from a good variety of on and off site activities. For example, young people enjoy the benefits of having extensive grounds that they can easily access to enjoy various play with their friends, family and staff,’

Ofsted Care 2018

Updated August 2019 Created September 2016

Specialist Support

In addition to the rich curriculum, pupi ls enjoy opportuni t ies to participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities. For example, several pupils attend regular yoga sessions and all pupils participate in art and music sessions with specialist teachers.

All young people have a Placement Plan with an integrated Health and Wellbeing element. This is reviewed in consultation with the Health Promotions Manager. Prior to admission all young people’s parents or carers are required to sign medical consent forms. A copy of the signed consent record will be kept in the young person’s case file. Each young person is registered with the local GP, Dentist and Opticians. If required they have access to the CAMHS service through a referral from the GP. They have further support from our consultants who work in the areas of Psychiatry, Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. We promote the use of community access for health appointments, however in the case of young people who are not ready to attend community appointments we will develop individualised health care access. This enables young people to become familiar with different locations and health professionals at their own pace. We support young people to be active and eat a healthy diet. We believe the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is an essential aspect of supporting young people’s physical and emotional well being.

Ofsted Education 2017

Staff are trained in the following healthcare:  Medication  Epilepsy  Nutrition  Mental Health

A team of experts to help you keep healthy.

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Supporting young people to enjoy life and succeed is central to our work. We support young people to pursue their current hobbies along with trying new experiences. Evening activities are planned and include youth clubs, swimming, cinema, bowling and eating out. We have a wonderful leisure barn on site which houses a spacious soft surface gym, a sensory room and interactive play room. In addition young people can enjoy our woodland trails and cycling, all within the safety of the school site. We have our own pottery and kiln along with vegetable and flower gardens and a workshop where students can learn woodwork and decorating skills. We encourage young people to try new activities and meet new people, along with supporting them to maintain their existing friendships. We have good links with the community and plan activities off the school campus. We provide the opportunity for our full time young people to go on holiday. These are planned around individual needs. Some young people prefer short breaks whilst others are happy to be away for a week. The residential homes have access to a fleet of vehicles so that students can get to local facilities. We also make use of public transport for both local and longer journeys dependent on the young person. During the school holidays we plan activities for all young people to take part in if they wish. We also have activity plans for each young person. The individual plans take into consideration the young person’s hobbies, interests and wishes.

Make Friends

Get out & about

Try new hobbies

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Meet the Team

Martin Carter Head of Rowden House and Herefordshire Adult Homes BEd (Hons) – London University NPQH

Martin joined the SENAD Group in February 2013. As Principal his role is to lead and develop the range of SENAD services within Herefordshire. This includes Rowden House School, adult provision within Winslow Court and Cedar Lodge, plus three adult community homes. Martin has over 25 years experience in the field of learning disabilities, including three previous Headships. He is committed to person-centred approaches and cares passionately about positive outcomes.

Ruth Nolan Head of Learning, West Midland Learning Campus BEd (Hons) – Bath Spa University NVQ 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management

Ruth joined the SENAD group in February 2013. As Head of Learning her role is to create a consistent approach to the development of learning within the SENAD services in Herefordshire, ensuring that each provision is tailored to the individual’s needs. Ruth has over 25 years experience of teaching and senior management in a variety of educational settings. During this time she has developed an empathy and understanding of students’ educational, emotional and social needs and is committed to supporting continuing development, knowledge and understanding for all learners and staff.

Paul Bliss Head of Care Level 3 Caring for Children and young people Level 4 Health and Social Care Level 4 Leadership and management of a Care Service SSCB train the trainers

Paul has 15 years’ experience of working in care. He has received specialist training and is experienced in working with children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Conduct Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disabilities and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has also worked with children and young people with complex difficulties that require the effective management of high risk behaviours. Paul is experienced at working with other agencies to promote the best outcomes for the children and young people in his care. Since 2009 Paul has been a Safeguarding trainer for the Shropshire Safeguarding Children’s Board. This enables Paul to deliver Safeguarding training internally and to external agencies. Paul has a proven track record of gaining “Outstanding” results from Ofsted. Having been a Registered Manager for a number of years Paul prides himself on developing and growing his staff teams. He has a consistent presence to ensure positive role modelling and awareness of practice, whilst also ensuring he is aware of all current legislation to develop the establishment at a strategic level. He works with the Schools senior management team to create a fully integrated service between Care, Education and Therapy, as well as mentoring the two Senior Care managers.

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Sharon Durnan Administration Officer Level 4 Diploma School Business Management

Sharon has worked in Education Administration for the past 18 years, both in primary and secondary schools. She has experience of school admissions and appeals, school/pupil data maintenance, communications and more latterly Human Resources and School Business Management. In her role at Rowden House School she works with and supporting the Senior Management team in all areas of day to day administration, as well as working with the education and care teams to ensure there is safe and timely staff support for students throughout the school day. She also organises and schedules the review process for students, liaising with parents, social workers, health authorities and placing authorities to ensure a smooth and efficient service for the young people.

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Enquiry Please call us for more information and to talk through your child's needs. We will arrange for you to visit the school and let your local authority contact know that you would like your child to attend the School

Referral If your Local Authority supports your request for a placement they will send us your child’s referral papers.

Assessment A member of our senior team will arrange to visit your child either in their current school or at home.

Visit We welcome parents and professionals to visit the school and meet staff.

Placement Offer After the assessment has taken place we report our findings to the local authority and parents, confirming if we feel a placement at the school would be suitable. If we are to offer a placement we will give details of the needs identified

To make a referral please contact: Caroline Parker, Group Referrals Manager Tel: 01332 378 840 Email:

Transition Prior to admission we will plan the young person’s transition with parents and professionals to ensure this is as smooth as possible.

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Referrals and Assessments

Young people are admitted in line with our Criteria for Admission. This is Specific Speech and Language Difficulties, Associated Behavioural Difficulties, Moderate and Severe Learning Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Formal referrals are usually made by the Local Authority and supported with referral documentation. We also welcome private referrals, although an assessment must take place before Rowden House School can be named on a childs’ Education, Health and Care plan.

We are able to arrange free, no obligation assessments.

Following the assessment we will give feedback. If we can meet the needs of the child or young person we will also send a fully costed proposal.

Prior to admission we will plan the young person’s transition with parents and professionals to ensure this is as smooth as possible.

To make a referral please contact: Caroline Parker, Group Referrals Manager Tel: 01332 378 840 Email:

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How to find us

From the M5

Leave the M5 at Junction 7 (signed Worcester, Evesham & A44). Join the A44 towards Worcester and at the roundabout, turn left onto the A4440. Remain on the A4440 for 5 miles over 4 roundabouts. At the fifth roundabout take the second exit onto the A44, following signs for Bromyard and Leominster. Remain on the A44 for 12 miles. Turn right onto the B4214. Remain on the B4214 for 2 miles and turn left at the sign to Rowden.

From Worcester

Leave Worcester via the A44, following signs for Bromyard and Leominster. Remain on the A44 for 12 miles. Turn right onto the B4214. Remain on the B4214 for 2 miles and turn left at the sign to Rowden.

From Hereford

Leave Hereford via the A465, following signs for Bromyard. Remain on the A465 for 11 miles and then join the B4214. Remain on the B4214 for 2 miles and turn left at the sign to Rowden. By Train The nearest station is Worcester. Travelling time from London Paddington to Worcester Shrub Hill Station is 2.5 hours directly service Birmingham, Nottingham and lots of smaller towns.

Rowden House School Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4LS

Tel: 01885 488096

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The Local Community

Bromyard Bromyard is a small market town lying midway between the cathedral cities of Hereford and Worcester. Located amongst scenic countryside the town comprises of a mixture of new and old with Tudor buildings, a leisure centre, theatre and a heritage centre which features one of the town’s biggest industries, hops and hop picking. Places to Stay The school has its own five bedded lodge and on-site caravans which are free to parents, relatives, carers and social workers visiting students. In addition Bromyard has a number of places to stay: The Falcon Hotel The Falcon Hotel is a black and white building dating from 1535 and was famous as Coaching Inn. It provides quality en suite rooms and fine food and is located in the town centre.

4 Broad Street Bromyard HR7 4BT Tel 0845 4566399

The Bay Horse Inn The Bay Horse Inn is situated in the centre of Bromyard. A traditional black and white Tudor building. It has 5 en-suite rooms and has a dining room which is open 7 days a week serving traditional food from locally sourced ingredients.

21 High Street Bromyard HR7 4AA Tel 01885 482600

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Term Dates

Summer Term 2019

School in Session: Monday 29th Apr il Half- Term: Depar t Friday 24th May – return Monday 10th June End of Term: Friday 26th July Inset Day for all staff: Tuesday 27th August, Wednesday 28th August

Autumn Term 2019

School of Session: Thursday 29th August Half-Term: Depar t Fr iday 18th October – return Monday 4th November End of Term: Fr iday 20th December Inset Day for all staff: Tuesday 27th August, Wednesday 28th August

Spring Term 2020

School of Session: Thursday 6th January Half-Term: Depar t Fr iday 14th February– return Monday 24th February End of Term: Thur sday 2nd Apr il Inset Day for all staff: Fr iday 3r d Apr il

Summer Term 2020

School in Session: Monday 20th Apr il Half- Term: Depar t Friday 22nd May – return Monday 8th June End of Term: Wednesday 29th July

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The following information/documents are available on request from the School Office or on the school website,

 Complaints procedure and information regarding complaints received for the preceding school year

Particulars of staffing numbers and summary of staff qualifications

 Pupil performance and leaver destinations for the preceding school year

Admission, Discipline and Exclusion

 Education and Welfare Provision for pupils for whom English is an additional language


Prevention of Bullying

Behaviour Management

Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety on Educational Visits

Policy to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of Pupils at the School

Equality and Diversity

Disability Access Plan

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Head of Rowden House and Herefordshire Adult Homes:

Martin Carter


Rowden House School Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4LS


01885 488096

Head of Care:

Paul Bliss

Responsible Individual:

Dr Mark Flynn, Chief Operations Officer Mr Brian Jones, Chief Executive Officer



1 St George’s House

Vernon Gate




01332 378 840

DfE No. 884/6006 OFSTED Registration Number SC035625

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Supported Living

Schools & Post 16 Provision

Transition Services

Alderwasley Hall School and Sixth Form, Derbyshire Age 5-20, day and 38 to 52 wk residential. Asperger's Syndrome, HFA and communication difficulties. Tel: (01629) 822586 Email: Pegasus School, Derbyshire Age 8-19, day and 38 to 52 wk residential. Challenging behaviour, severe/complex communication and learning difficulties. Tel: (01283) 761352 Email: Bladon House School, Derbyshire/Staffs border Age 5-19, day and 38 to 52 wk residential. Autism, communication difficulties and moderate to severe learning difficulties. Tel: (01283) 563787 Email: Learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders with severe challenging behaviour including sexually harmful behaviour. Tel: (01341) 450641 Email: Rowden House School, Herefordshire (part of the West Midlands Learning Campus) Age 11-19, day and 38 to 52 wk residential. Severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. Tel: (01885) 488096 Email: To make a referral please contact: Caroline Parker Group Referrals Manager Tel: 01332 378840 Aran Hall School, Gwynedd Age 11-19, day and 38 to 52 wk residential.

OneNineFive, Staffordshire A transitional home for young adults requiring specialised care and support.

SENAD Community Our community support team is exper ienced in providing high quality support and personal care to people of all ages. With a person-centred approach, they create a team that works with the individual to formulate a plan to enable them to achieve their goals and maximise their potential. This includes (but is not limited to) one to one support and direct care for young people and adults who have:  Learning disabilities  Physical disability and/or sensory impairment  Complex health needs  Rehabilitation needs (post-operative or acquired brain injury

SENAD Community Support Services

Adult Provision

Ecclesbourne Lodge, Derbyshire

Winslow Court, Herefordshire

Cedar Lodge, Herefordshire

Park House, Herefordshire

Support can be provided: 

Fairfield House, Herefordshire/Shropshire border

In the person’s home environment In the person’s school/college environment

Orchard End, Herefordshire




services and activities

During a period of transition

For more information about SENAD Community call: Tel: (01332) 200300

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Head of Rowden House and Herefordshire Adult Homes: Martin Carter Address: Rowden House School Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4LS

01885 488096




Follow us

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