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liner - bility ® , one of the most accurate availability tools on the market, which makes it easier than ever to check future plant availability with our live 72-week schedule. — updated every hour at ppandl.com, liner - bility ® gives you fast and accurate updates on the availability of your favorite plant varieties.

If you do not see availability on varieties for your program during the time needed, please contact us.We will happily look into the possibility of a custom grown order including looking into varieties not listed here.

From small varieties great for combos to large landscape varieties and with breeding fromAllPlant, Darwin Perennials,Terra Nova Nurseries,Thierry Delabroye and Walter’s Gardens, the Heuchera program at Pacific Plug & Liner has a variety to fit every need.The varieties listed are all grown from tissue culture and can be ordered in two sizes, a 128 cell and a 72 cell. Because tissue culture can take 6-12 months to source, PP&L has an annual speculation program.This availability can be seen using our LINER-BILITY ® tool. For best availability, book early to ensure you get the varieties you need when you need them.

BABY BELLS™ SERIES | PPAF A small statured series from theWalter’s Gardens breeding program that comes in a range of colors. Baby Bells Heuchera are smaller plants compared to other series on the market with short petioles so they work great in combinations as well as in smaller pots.

Varieties include: Amberous, Chartreuse Charmer, Cinnamon Glaze and Dark Desire.

usda zones 5-9 | 10-14 " x 10-12 "

CARNIVAL SERIES | PATENTED This series from Darwin Perennials has an incredible color assortment, all with well-matched habits.The Carnival series are hybrids that have villosa species in their parentage giving them better heat tolerance and better garden performance. Varieties include: Black Olive, Candy Apple, Cocomint, Coffee Bean, Fall Festival, Limeade, Peach Parfait, Plum Crazy, Rose Granita andWatermelon.


A series from AllPlant that is available in a wide range of vivid colors.

Varieties Include: Bilberry, Blackberry, Boysenberry, Coralberry, Cranberry, Gojiberry, Gooseberry Lime, Huckleberry, Mulberry, Orangeberry, Sloeberry and Tayberry.

usda zones 4 a -9 b | 10-18 " x 12-14 "

usda zones 4-9 | 10-18 " x 12-14 "


AMETHYST MYST One of the best spring purple leaf types for the landscape with leaves bigger than Plum Pudding. Heuchera americana blood gives this variety great heat and humidity tolerance.

BERRY SMOOTHIE | PP# 21,871 A hybrid with both villosa and americana species blood for great heat tolerance. Foliage is bright metallic berry-colored and provides year-round interest.


Black-red glossy leaves with a ruby red underside, very striking when backlit.

usda zones 4-9 | 10-26 " x 18-24 "

usda zones 4-9 | 18-28 " x 20 "

usda zones 4-9 | 10-24 " x 16 "

FIRE ALARM | PP# 24,525 One of our all-time favorites for the large glossy bright red leaves. Fire Alarm is a villosa hybrid with thick leaves so it has great heat and humidity tolerance.

FOREVER ® SERIES Named for the ability to hold their foliage color through all seasons. The FOREVER series has excellent landscape performance and works great as a component in combination planters.

Varieties Include: Purple PP# 26,358 and Red PP# 29,644 .

usda zones 5-9 | 9-13 " x 14 "

usda zones 4-9 | 10-15 " x 22 "

GEORGIA PEACH | PP# 19,375 With villosa blood, this variety is bred for heat and humidity tolerance. Great as a landscape specimen with large metallic peach-colored leaves.


GREEN SPICE Dark grey-edged silver leaves with red venation give this variety excellent color contrast. Bred with americana species for great tolerance to heat and humidity.

A series that was bred to fill landscapes, habit is large, mounding with ruffled foliage.

Varieties Include: Amethyst and Black.

usda zones 4-9 | 14-30 " x 24 "

usda zones 4-9 | 14-30 " x 28 "

usda zones 4-9 | 9-28 " x 16 "

LIME RICKEY | PP# 16,210 A smaller sized variety compared to Lime Marmalade. Foliage is ruffled, lime-green to chartreuse, making this a great variety to use in combination planters.

MARMALADE™ SERIES | PATENTED A fast-growing series that works great in the landscape as well as large containers. Leaves are large with ruffled edges and extra thick to stand up to intense cold and heat. Varieties Include: Berry Marmalade PP# 23,285 , Lime Marmalade PP# 21,861 and Marmalade PP# 15,945 .

MIDNIGHT ROSE | PP# 18,551 An award-winning variety with shiny, pink-spotted black leaves.This is a sport of Obsidian so it has the same rounded habit.

usda zones 4-9 | 8-17 " x 18 "

usda zones 4-9 | 10-16 " x 18 "

usda zones 4-9 | 10-24 " x 16 "

NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ SERIES A new series bred with ultra-hardy richardsonii blood. Expect the NORTHERN EXPOSURE series to be long-lived in the landscape, producing multiple crowns and a nice mounded habit.

OBSIDIAN | PP# 14,836

A variety with shiny black leaves that will not fade. Leaves are rounded and look like black satin.

usda zones 4-9 | 10-24 " x 16 "

Varieties Include: Amber PP# 29,397 , Black PP# 30,583 , Lime PP# 29,162 , Purple PP# 30,568 , Red PP# 29,420 , Sienna PPAF and Silver PP# 29,632 .

PAPRIKA | PP# 24,575

Another favorite, hard to resist variety with large, warm glowing cherry-coral foliage.

usda zones 4-9 | 12-24 " x 16-22 "

usda zones 4-9 | 8-12 " x 16 "


PLUM PUDDING The industry staple of plum-colored varieties. Plum Pudding has a tight, compact habit and does great in the heat and humidity of the South.

Bright peach-colored leaves in the spring that will darken to plum by winter, providing year-round interest.

usda zones 4-9 | 7-16 " x 14 "

usda zones 4-9 | 8-26 " x 16 "



SPELLBOUND | PP# 24,103 Ruffled foliage that changes throughout the seasons and with plant location. Purple tones are more prominent in the spring and fall while silver will be more prevalent in the shade. Growth is vigorous, with a dense multi-crown habit.

A smaller sized series that works great for the front of the garden and in containers. Great flower power in spring and summer due to sanguinea and cylindrica blood in the breeding.

Huge cinnamon-peach leaves along with a lush habit. Bred to do well in high humidity conditions.

Varieties Include: Cherry Cola PP# 22,967 , Ginger Ale PP# 24,545 and Grape Soda PP# 26,339 .

usda zones 4-9 | 14-22 " x 24 "

usda zones 4-9 | 9-16 " x 16 "

usda zones 4-9 | 6-18 " x 14 "

STORMY SEAS An oldie but goodie this variety has magnificently ruffled, somewhat glossy leaves that are maroon- purple when young, aging to bronze-green with bright purple undersides. Cream colored flowers appear on 3 foot tall, dark purple scapes from late spring to early summer.

TOPAZ JAZZ | *NEW* | PP# 29,354 Lovely lobed leaves change in color from honey topaz to gold to lime green, always with a strong white veil. Short maroon stems with wands of creamy yellow green complement the foliage.

ZIPPER | *NEW* | PP# 25,428 The foliage on Zipper is well-colored all year and changes from orange in spring and fall to golden amber in summer and winter, always with its magenta backs showing.This ruffle type was bred with H. villosa which gives the larger leaf size, better heat and humidity tolerance.

usda zones 4-9 | 18 " x 18-36 "

usda zones 4-9 | 9 " x 12-14 "

usda zones 4-9 | 8 " x 12-18 "



Citronelle is a sport of the ever-popular Caramel and has the same com- pact habit along with heat and humidity tolerance.

usda zones 4-9 | 12-14 " x 12-14 "

CARAMEL | PP# 16,560 FromThierry Delabroye comes one of the more popular amber-colored selections. Caramel is a villosa hybrid so it has increased heat and humidity tolerance. Foliage is amber on the topside and purple-red on the underside for an overall two-toned effect.


A classic variety with silver-flushed burgundy leaves that deepen in color with age to silver and black for a high contrast look.

usda zones 4-9 | 12-16 " x 12-16 "

usda zones 4-9 | 8-10 " x 16-18 "



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