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Getting the Paul Rolling

Last month, I introduced you to Paul, our newest physical therapist. Since joining the team, Paul has made an incredible impression. Just having a new PT at the clinic is amazing! Everyone from our staff to our patients love him. The feedback I’ve already heard from our patients has been nothing but great. When the patients are happy, I’m happy! If you haven’t met Paul, he’s very conscientious, humble, and he loves helping people. Paul has already earned himself a nickname around the clinic: Tall Paul! You know you’re a part of the family when you get a nickname, and Paul fits right in. Paul has also been taking on patients left and right. He has an approach many of our patients appreciate. He’s a great PT who can provide skilled manual therapy. This is something our patients have noted. When it comes to manual therapy, Paul is exceptional. He has great hands and a healing touch. More importantly, Paul is a listener. As I’ve mentored him these past several weeks, I’ve watched him engage with patients. His bedside manner is fantastic. He listens and connects with people. When it comes to getting you the results you need, taking the time to listen can make all the difference. I say that because not every PT clinic out there gives their patients the time and attention they really need. In addition, as I’ve learned in my years working as a PT, it’s hard to find clinicians who really pour their hearts into the work they do with each and every patient. When the average clinic gets busy, it’s hard to deliver a high level of care. Some clinics do everything they can to get through each patient. This leaves you with less-than-stellar results and may even put you off from visiting a PT in the future. My goal has always been to avoid this and instead be the clinic that devotes time to its patients — in other words, to be the family clinic.

great care. It should be easy to get the care you need. That’s one of the reasons why I frequently bring up direct access in the newsletter. Direct access, commonly known as self-referral, is just another way to make your life easier, but self-referral is still something not many people know about.

I recently spoke with a patient who had no idea about self-referral. He lived with pain for over a year before making an appointment. He had no doctor and no referral. I saw him, and by the end of the appointment, he was wishing he had made the appointment sooner. He was genuinely surprised by the process — and thrilled with the results! If you have a nagging ache or pain and you have concerns, you don’t have to wait. Give us a call, set up an appointment, and we’ll get you in ASAP. It doesn’t get any easier!

P.S. Our clinic is always on the lookout for new opportunities to get out into the community. This spring, we’re looking for local sports teams or athletic groups that would like to learn more about sports performance programs, prevention, and therapy. If you belong to a group and would like more information, give us a call at 714-556-1600. We’ll set up a time and date to get together to chat about sports medicine and PT. –Ann Steinfeld

Part of that is being a part of the Costa Mesa community. I established our clinic where I did because I believe you shouldn’t have to drive far from home to get


(714) 556-1600

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