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December 2018

Improving Silent Nights This Season Giving the Gift of Sound With the Lions Lend An Ear Program Long Island Sound

who would otherwise have to live with a worsening hearing impairment or deal with the frustration of attempting to find some relief through cheap, ineffective amplification devices. So, why does this matter? As Helen Keller, who inspired the Lions with a famous speech at their annual convention in 1925 once said, “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Hearing loss and impairment can be debilitating and shuts people off from the world. Because it reduces the normal stimulation of parts of the brain related to hearing and speech, it also leads to cognitive decline and has been found to be the single largest modifiable factor contributing to the risk of dementia. Far too often, I see frustrated patients who have relied on cheap products to help them improve their hearing. Items like mail- order devices, hearing aids purchased online with no customization or follow-up, and technology that amplifies everything do very little to actually solve the real problems people with hearing loss typically have. In some cases, these attempts at a cheap solution can cause more harm than good. The expertise, customization, follow-up, finetuning, and service you should get from an experienced audiologist cannot be replaced by these quick fixes. However, treatment of hearing loss is not cheap, but with our Lions Lend an Ear Program, people do not have to choose. We now have another way of helping people

I became an audiologist because I wanted to help people. When my patients can finally hear their grandchildren’s stories or watch a movie with their spouse in peace, I know I have accomplished something valuable. Yet, I do not get to help everyone. It is extremely frustrating when I know I can help someone, but they do not have the resources or cannot afford the kind of help they need. So, I decided to do something about it. I became a member of the Lions Club International in Valley Stream in 1998. Lions Clubs across the globe are connected by the simple purpose of helping those in need. Their motto, “We serve,” says it all. So, when I became a member, I thought there had to be a way this philanthropic organization could help people coping with hearing difficulty. I brought my frustrations to my fellow Lions at the Valley Stream Lions Club, and thanks to their enthusiasm and hard work, this became the beginning of the Lions Lend an Ear Program. Since its inception in Valley Stream nearly 20 years ago, the program has grown to include all of Nassau County and will soon expand into Suffolk County. Acceptance of applicants for the Lions Lend an Ear program is based on demonstrated financial and audiological need. We have expertly fitted new or gently used hearing aids along with providing the expertise, customization, instruction and hearing maintenance needed to ensure long term hearing success for dozens of people

find a solution that is just right for them and keeps them financially secure. It’s gratifying as a professional to know that I can help patients who slip through the cracks. We’re not just giving them an opportunity to hear again; we’re giving them a new chance at life. If you would like to help us give the gift of hearing to those in need by donating used hearing aids (working or not), or if someone you know would like to apply to receive hearing care products and services through the Lions Lend an Ear program, call our office at 516-872-8485 or contact us by e-mail at info@HearingCenterofLI.com. “Thank you to the Lions Lend an Ear program and Hearing Center of Long Island for my new hearing aid and the services I needed to ensure it is fit and adjusted properly and properly maintained. I depend on my hearing aid to communicate with people. I am very grateful.” –Rosemarie Cromwell, MIneola, NY

–Lawrence Cardano, Au.D.

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Asking a Loved One to See an Expert for Their Hearing Loss ‘Hear Me Out’

Be understanding. Find the real reason behind any resistance. They’re not avoiding

When a friend or a loved one is living with undiagnosed or untreated hearing impairment, daily interactions with them can be exhausting. You love them, but it’s easy to get frustrated, especially when you only want to see them get better. It may be time to approach your loved one or friend about seeking professional help for their hearing impairment, but before you do, take time to learn about the appropriate way to do so with these Don’t expect your loved one to agree to a hearing appointment tomorrow. Understand that you approaching them may be a big shock, and they may need time to process your confrontation. Give them time to work through this news, and provide a space where they feel comfortable sharing their feelings — good or bad — about their hearing and seeing an expert. reminders. Be patient.

improving their hearing to be difficult; there’s usually a deeper reason. Some patients may be unaware that they even have a problem because they have normalized it by living with it for so long, or they hear well enough in certain situations. You may have a loved one who is embarrassed about having to wear hearing aids, or they may feel it’s useless to even try. Regardless of why they are resisting help, openly listen to their feelings and support them. Be kind. You need to express to your loved one how their hearing loss affects you. Be mindful of the language you use and avoid accusatory tones, and don’t escalate the situation by being unkind to them. If they begin arguing with you or become defensive, remind them that

you love them and that you are only confronting them because you want to see them live the fullest life possible. Hearing properly can help them do that. The Hearing Center of Long Island knows this is a hard conversation. If you have a friend or loved one that isn’t ready to make an appointment, you can still contact us for free reports on relevant topics, sign up for our free monthly newsletter, attend informative lunch programs, and recieve Dr. Larry Cardano’s book, “Better Hearing With or Without Hearing Aids.” Learn more by giving us a call, visiting our website, or stopping by our office.

“If you have a hearing problem, don’t wait until it gets worse. See the friendly professionals at Hearing Center of Long Island and take care of it now. It is well-worth it.” What Our Patients Are Saying

“When I first came to Hearing Center of Long Island I had problems with hearing aids I got elsewhere. I found a great doctor (and musician) who solved the problem right away. It was a great experience and I would recommend this office to all. “Dr. Cardano and his entire staff are a credit to their profession. Finding professionals like this who you can really trust is especially important in this day and age.

-Charles Pilnacek Lynbrook, NY

Dr. Larry with Charles Pilnacek

2 • We’re listening to you.

Why Your Ears Want You to Quit Smoking Up in Smoke

As a smoker, you’ve heard about the damage you’re inflicting on your body, and it’s possible that you’ve promised to quit more times than you can count. As we prepare for a new year, you might consider curbing your smoking addiction for various reasons, but you should consider one more: your ears. Research dating back to the 1990’s has found that, with each puff of smoke, your hearing may get worse and worse. Nicotine can interfere with the neurocommunication between your brain and your ears and make you dizzy or cause vertigo, forcing your ears to work overtime to stabilize your sense of balance. Plus, you may be damaging the hearing of your spouse, kids, friends, and neighbors by lighting up. A 2018 Japanese study found that increased and prolonged use of Sudoku

cigarettes correlated with hearing loss. Participants who smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day had worse hearing than those who smoked 10 cigarettes a day — though those who smoked 10 still had poor hearing. Those who didn’t smoke or had quit had the lowest level of hearing loss. There is good news for smokers: Quitting won’t reverse the damage already done to your ears, but it can stall the progression of hearing loss. Studies show that just minutes after smoking your last cigarette, your body begins actively trying to restore equilibrium to your body, and you may notice changes in your balance. When it comes to hearing loss, it’s better to err on the side of caution and put the cigarettes down for good. Snuff out your bad habit in 2019 by visiting

SmokeFree.gov for some helpful tips. If you or a loved one has been a smoker and not had your hearing checked, get your hearing checked by our experts at the Hearing Center of Long Island.

The Sound of Laughter If the holidays give you anxiety, remember: STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backward.

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On Listening

“Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.” –Cicero

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even October. Embracing its unique name, the town boasts a museum, holiday shopping center, and a Christmas theme park. In a moving tribute, the town’s residents also write responses to children’s letters to Kris Kringle himself. It’s impossible to avoid holiday cheer in this town. Disney World’s Christmas Magic What better place to celebrate the most magical time of the year than in the most magical place on Earth? Walt Disney World’s halls are decked to the max with a parade, gingerbread homes, strings of lights, and festive parties. Plus, costs to visit Disney World can be cheaper during the Christmas season, so keep an eye out for a vacation steal.

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