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December 2018

Improving Silent Nights This Season Giving the Gift of Sound With the Lions Lend An Ear Program Long Island Sound

who would otherwise have to live with a worsening hearing impairment or deal with the frustration of attempting to find some relief through cheap, ineffective amplification devices. So, why does this matter? As Helen Keller, who inspired the Lions with a famous speech at their annual convention in 1925 once said, “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Hearing loss and impairment can be debilitating and shuts people off from the world. Because it reduces the normal stimulation of parts of the brain related to hearing and speech, it also leads to cognitive decline and has been found to be the single largest modifiable factor contributing to the risk of dementia. Far too often, I see frustrated patients who have relied on cheap products to help them improve their hearing. Items like mail- order devices, hearing aids purchased online with no customization or follow-up, and technology that amplifies everything do very little to actually solve the real problems people with hearing loss typically have. In some cases, these attempts at a cheap solution can cause more harm than good. The expertise, customization, follow-up, finetuning, and service you should get from an experienced audiologist cannot be replaced by these quick fixes. However, treatment of hearing loss is not cheap, but with our Lions Lend an Ear Program, people do not have to choose. We now have another way of helping people

I became an audiologist because I wanted to help people. When my patients can finally hear their grandchildren’s stories or watch a movie with their spouse in peace, I know I have accomplished something valuable. Yet, I do not get to help everyone. It is extremely frustrating when I know I can help someone, but they do not have the resources or cannot afford the kind of help they need. So, I decided to do something about it. I became a member of the Lions Club International in Valley Stream in 1998. Lions Clubs across the globe are connected by the simple purpose of helping those in need. Their motto, “We serve,” says it all. So, when I became a member, I thought there had to be a way this philanthropic organization could help people coping with hearing difficulty. I brought my frustrations to my fellow Lions at the Valley Stream Lions Club, and thanks to their enthusiasm and hard work, this became the beginning of the Lions Lend an Ear Program. Since its inception in Valley Stream nearly 20 years ago, the program has grown to include all of Nassau County and will soon expand into Suffolk County. Acceptance of applicants for the Lions Lend an Ear program is based on demonstrated financial and audiological need. We have expertly fitted new or gently used hearing aids along with providing the expertise, customization, instruction and hearing maintenance needed to ensure long term hearing success for dozens of people

find a solution that is just right for them and keeps them financially secure. It’s gratifying as a professional to know that I can help patients who slip through the cracks. We’re not just giving them an opportunity to hear again; we’re giving them a new chance at life. If you would like to help us give the gift of hearing to those in need by donating used hearing aids (working or not), or if someone you know would like to apply to receive hearing care products and services through the Lions Lend an Ear program, call our office at 516-872-8485 or contact us by e-mail at info@HearingCenterofLI.com. “Thank you to the Lions Lend an Ear program and Hearing Center of Long Island for my new hearing aid and the services I needed to ensure it is fit and adjusted properly and properly maintained. I depend on my hearing aid to communicate with people. I am very grateful.” –Rosemarie Cromwell, MIneola, NY

–Lawrence Cardano, Au.D.

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