Hearing Center of Long Island - December 2018

Asking a Loved One to See an Expert for Their Hearing Loss ‘Hear Me Out’

Be understanding. Find the real reason behind any resistance. They’re not avoiding

When a friend or a loved one is living with undiagnosed or untreated hearing impairment, daily interactions with them can be exhausting. You love them, but it’s easy to get frustrated, especially when you only want to see them get better. It may be time to approach your loved one or friend about seeking professional help for their hearing impairment, but before you do, take time to learn about the appropriate way to do so with these Don’t expect your loved one to agree to a hearing appointment tomorrow. Understand that you approaching them may be a big shock, and they may need time to process your confrontation. Give them time to work through this news, and provide a space where they feel comfortable sharing their feelings — good or bad — about their hearing and seeing an expert. reminders. Be patient.

improving their hearing to be difficult; there’s usually a deeper reason. Some patients may be unaware that they even have a problem because they have normalized it by living with it for so long, or they hear well enough in certain situations. You may have a loved one who is embarrassed about having to wear hearing aids, or they may feel it’s useless to even try. Regardless of why they are resisting help, openly listen to their feelings and support them. Be kind. You need to express to your loved one how their hearing loss affects you. Be mindful of the language you use and avoid accusatory tones, and don’t escalate the situation by being unkind to them. If they begin arguing with you or become defensive, remind them that

you love them and that you are only confronting them because you want to see them live the fullest life possible. Hearing properly can help them do that. The Hearing Center of Long Island knows this is a hard conversation. If you have a friend or loved one that isn’t ready to make an appointment, you can still contact us for free reports on relevant topics, sign up for our free monthly newsletter, attend informative lunch programs, and recieve Dr. Larry Cardano’s book, “Better Hearing With or Without Hearing Aids.” Learn more by giving us a call, visiting our website, or stopping by our office.

“If you have a hearing problem, don’t wait until it gets worse. See the friendly professionals at Hearing Center of Long Island and take care of it now. It is well-worth it.” What Our Patients Are Saying

“When I first came to Hearing Center of Long Island I had problems with hearing aids I got elsewhere. I found a great doctor (and musician) who solved the problem right away. It was a great experience and I would recommend this office to all. “Dr. Cardano and his entire staff are a credit to their profession. Finding professionals like this who you can really trust is especially important in this day and age.

-Charles Pilnacek Lynbrook, NY

Dr. Larry with Charles Pilnacek

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