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APRIL 2019



Here at ROC Physical Therapy, we have an amazing team readily available to help our patients on their journeys to recovery. One person who keeps our operations running smoothly is Karen, our office manager. Thinking back on her two years with us, Karen explains, “Ever since my first day at ROC PT, I’ve found my role to be extremely enlightening and joyful. I learn something new every day. Prior to joining my current team, I was a clinic manager of both a large cardiology group and a plastic surgery group, and while I liked working in those fields, working in a physical therapy office has brought me so much more joy.” elsewhere), I came into this space with fundamental knowledge of the process. Despite that, I never anticipated how much true joy this job would bring into my life — both from seeing patients improve and in witnessing the relationships Matt shares with them.” While there are many areas of her life that foster joy, one of Karen’s biggest reasons for smiling (outside of the office, of course) is her golden retriever, Jack Murphy. “I just didn’t “Because I was a physical therapy patient (not in this office but

think our newsletter readers could be properly introduced to me,” says Karen, “without knowing a little something about Jack.” Karen and her significant other, Tim, have had the good fortune of raising Jack Murphy since he was just six weeks old. “One day, Tim’s daughter surprised him with this adorable, fluffy little puppy. Tim, being the ultimate Chargers fan, opted to name him Jack Murphy to commemorate the sports editor and columnist for whom the team’s stadium was named then.” Regarding their feelings about a surprise puppy in the house, Karen recalls that it was “certainly love at first sight,” and in the six years since they first met Jack Murphy, he has become an integral part of their family. Karen says, “Playing fetch, going on walks, and splashing around in the water are his favorite pastimes. In fact, Tim and I know that we couldn’t ever put in a pool because we wouldn’t be able to keep Jack out of the water. That dog would swim for days if he could!” In addition to the more prototypical pet pastimes, Jack Murphy has an interesting (and entertaining) habit that distinguishes him from other

dogs. “Every single morning when Jack comes inside, he starts searching the house for socks. He will gather up 7 or 8 of them in his mouth at once and then come up and ‘talk’ to us with a mouthful of socks!” Karen explains that the sock-collecting habit started when Jack was a puppy. “He just always had an affinity for socks. If we forget to leave a few out for him to find, he gets frustrated and won’t stop searching until he finds one. Now, we tend to scatter the same few around each morning. We sit there having our morning coffee with Jack posted up on the floor next to us, proud of his morning finds. It’s become one of our favorite daily activities!” The next time you see Karen around the office, be sure to ask her about the furry sock-loving friend who brings such immense joy into her life. You surely won’t be disappointed!

-The Team at ROC PT

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