Navigating the Grocery Store Aisle

Once the player and Maya collect all six of the clues, they complete an analysis of the clues they collected.

Clicking on each of the six clues allows the player to review the information they found. Maya then makes a recommendation to Mark, the confused consumer she met in the grocery store at the beginning of the game.


We began beta testing in April 2021, with our target audiences and those from the Connect Extension chat. We also shared the game with our colleagues in UConn’s College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR) and the greater Connect Extension community for as much feedback as possible. We presented at the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) Virtual Professional Development conference for further input. The people who tried the game provided detailed feedback and insights into what they learned and how we could improve it. This short-form game prototype was developed as a proof of concept to prompt research on the development of a proposed complete game. Game developers at NMSU Learning Games Lab and content experts from the UConn Extension collaborated during a week-long Game Jam to create the prototype, which has simple, place-holder graphics and gameplay. Using this prototype, the team can now investigate how to move forward with a fuller game, refining audience and content and identifying a production budget. Our prototype has one module in what will eventually be a multi-module game about interpreting food marketing labels. In a proposed complete game, the several modules would address various parts of reading food marketing labels in the grocery aisle and include “ organic ” and “ natural ” labels, as well as other “ non-GMO ” labeled products


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