Navigating the Grocery Store Aisle

We presented a sharing session at the ACE Virtual Professional Development Conference in June 2021. The session provided an overview of our project and goals. Then, the land-grant communicators all played the game and came back to the session to provide feedback on the game and ideas for deploying it to a national audience. We incorporated the feedback into our game design and marketing strategy. We used survey respondent and presentation attendee input to improve the game, and we had another meeting with NMSU to prioritize game edits. Seeking feedback from multiple sources and outlets strengthened our project. Edits we prioritized include making the game easier to navigate (how many clues to find, where to click), renaming a character, and clarifying information sections while providing easier access to additional resources. Final edits to the prototype were completed in July. Part 5: Deployment Strategy, Timeline, & Responsibility Levels


We launched our game in August 2021. The game is available on our website and on the websites of New Mexico State Learning Games Laboratory, UConn EFNEP, UConn 4-H, and other locations. All other websites will point users back to to streamline our analytics and game evaluation. We also link to for additional resources.

There are four key audiences for the game deployment strategy:

Stakeholders: provided funding or have an interest in the outcomes of our project

Amplifiers: key contributors that will help us raise awareness and promote the game through their networks

Messengers: educators and collaborators that will use the game in their programming or have direct connections with our target audiences

End Users: customers playing the game (Our target audience is adults that are the primary grocery shoppers for their family.)

Audience Definitions

Stakeholders: Extension Foundation, Connect Extension staff, Extension administrators, Northeast AgEnhancement, FDA, USDA, and UConn administrators

Amplifiers: NTAE marketing/digital engagement, our team members, USDA-NIFA, and UConn

Messengers: Connect Extension chat participants, ShopRite registered dietitians (10 in Connecticut and 70 in the Northeast), SNAP-Ed teams in Connecticut, and the 4-H and EFNEP/SNAP-Ed teams at UConn (team members that are not currently involved in our NTAE program team)


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