Navigating the Grocery Store Aisle

Table 3: Strategic Marketing Plan


Due Date


Work with UConn Communications to launch the game announcement.

July 2021

NTAE team

Create game toolkits for messenger audiences to help them integrate the game into their programs.

June 2021

NTAE team and wraparound services

Pitch story to USDA-NIFA to share on their platforms (send it directly to Faith Peppers).

July 2021

Stacey Stearns

Use the game animations to create social media posts and other marketing tools.

July 2021

NTAE team and wraparound services

Pitch the game story to a national media source.

July 2021

NTAE team and Aaron Weibe


Ref lection When we started this project a year ago, we represented a diverse group of faculty and staff in the College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources at UConn. We had not previously worked together as a group. Our expertise is diverse: biotechnology, farming, consumer economics, nutrition, youth development, and communications. However, given that the project was going to last for a year, we needed to work together well as a group. So, the point is this: Many times, Extension projects are a race to the finish, full accelerator mode. But this project allowed for reflection as a component. We had monthly check-ins with the Extension Foundation providing valuable time to slow down enough to evaluate our actions and increase the quality of the outcomes. Slowing down enough to reflect was important to learn our strengths, fully discuss opinions and ideas, and brainstorm ways to improve, all of which improved the project’s trajectory as well as the final products.


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