College – Issue 39

BOARDING Boarders cope in lockdown

Music was a godsend for Year 13 School House student Daniel Qi when Covid-19’s lockdown occurred. A talented pianist, (in fact ‘The Piano Man’ himself from the House Music festival), Daniel had done a two-week individual isolation on returning to Christchurch from China at the beginning of the year. He’d then spent just seven weeks in the boarding House before the national lockdown was imposed. Fortunately, his mother was still in Christchurch, so he was able to lockdown in a home setting, playing the piano, reading, playing chess on line, and getting some outdoors exercise when he could. “I did some running and jogging, which was new for me. It was okay, but a bit tough at the start. By the end of lockdown, I was running 4kms. “School House friends and Housemaster Arthur Wood met up with us twice or three times a week online. But there’s a huge difference between being online and things like Facetime, and actually meeting in person. In a way, the lockdown was a precious opportunity to realise how lucky we usually are. Sometimes people take it for granted.” The first day back in the House when lockdown was lifted and school resumed, was a little strange, he says.

Daniel says it was a great time to build self-regulation and resilience. “I already have high expectations of myself, but it helped me to make sure I was motivated. Or it could make you stressed. I think my lockdown experience was more like that of a Kiwi student.” Daniel says it also made him aware of his own goals – where he wants to go, who he wants to be. “The thing is, who you are is unique. You are enough! You’re not a loser. All we can do is improve, trust, make a commitment, and put faith in each other to work together as a team.”

“It took a couple of days to readjust. You sort of wondered how your mates would be after all that time, but we kind of fell back into the usual jokes and chat and eventually you felt it was great to be back.” One of the most difficult aspects of lockdown was studying online. “That was very different and it certainly affected my studies. For some subjects it might be a more efficient means of operating, but not so much for others. I have a very engaging class and we talk a lot each period – during lockdown I heard only from the teacher.”

Daniel Qi (centre) with School House friends Charlie Hansen (left) and Alfie Baker (right)

Christ’s College Canterbury


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