College – Issue 39

Jimmy says along the way they gain “a massive sense of enjoying the environment.” “They begin to appreciate how lucky they are to be out in this country, and of sustainability – leaving no trace where they have been. It all combines in a great sense of achievement and awareness.” He estimates about a quarter of the boys would have been proficient with cooking and map navigation beforehand and about a quarter would have done some similar style outdoor activities with their families, “but not taking the lead role.” He says leaving their cell phones behind for four days is another challenge for the boys. “There’s no coverage – so at night they get out a pack of cards or look for possums!” When it’s time to return, the boys are in great form, he says. “Sure, they’re tired and sore, but they’re impressed by what they’ve achieved. It’s a big step up from any camp they’ve done before. “And for a lot of them they’re out of their comfort zone – but not too far – so it means they’re ready for being out of their comfort zone in the future.” If boys show exceptional character on the Adventurous Journey they’re given a special award certificate. “What we find is a lot who shine in the academic setting also shine in the outdoors and take the lead. And we also discover that even in such a short period the boys see the opportunities College has to offer and how privileged they are.” Jimmy himself has been inspired by the experience. “I love it. Even the freezing nights. You can see the Milky Way so clearly. It’s a big sky out there and very quiet.”

College Issue 39 2020


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