College – Issue 39

support coordinator who tailors a plan for the child and that family. They discuss what the diagnosis means, and changes they might see.” The three pillars of the CCF were to make sure every child gets to every treatment on time and is well looked after whilst there; to ensure they have a comfortable home environment for their plan; and to make sure families and children are supported post-treatment. CCF also supports camps for siblings, helps families get away for holidays, and helps meet the costs of memorial services and funeral costs. Andrew gave examples of children and families who had been helped by CCF. “We generally support children up to the age of 12 and then Canteen takes over for the teenage years.” Andrew said he hoped the boys would realise when they leave school that “the more you do to give back, the more comfortable you feel about what you are doing every day. “A lot goes on in life. At school, you can create a brotherhood. Some of my fondest memories in fact, are of creating that brotherhood, particularly by doing something together for a good cause –that’s what builds lasting memories.”

College Issue 39 2020


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