College – Issue 39

but it’s a different environment entirely for the Chinese boys.” There were lots of people involved in making the international school holiday programme a success, not least those in the Dining Hall who went above and beyond preparing an international menu for the boys – the greatest majority being from Asia – and providing them with cooking classes as well. Those on the programme went to Velocity Karts, and ten-pin bowling. They swam at Hanmer Springs and explored at Castle Hill. They learned to make dumplings and they participated in sports workshop sessions run by Old Boys Shun Miyake and Kyle Houston. They took part in Maori culture workshops; they made their own lunch of pizzas with Peata in the Dining Hall kitchen. There was disk golf and there were Ramen boats for dinner. In fact, so popular was the programme that it was repeated during the holidays at the end of Term 3. Again, living in Jacobs House, the students had an action-packed fortnight before heading off to Stewart Island!

College Issue 39 2020


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