College – Issue 39

GARTH WYNNE From our Executive Principal

As I reflect on the winter phase of our school in 2020, I do so with admiration for the staff, students and parents who make up the community of College. We have passed through a most extraordinary time as we have faced the complexity of a world pandemic and all that has meant at a local, national and international level. We have carried on amidst ever changing demands and have achieved a great deal. During this time, we have been witness to some of the most incredible and deplorable leadership imaginable as countries have grappled with the ‘value’ of life. We have seen the true reality of the socio-economic divide that marks for our planet and our country, those with and without the most basic of resources. We have seen individuals both rise and fall as they have faced the reality of coming to terms with that which they cannot control. Each of us has been challenged by existential questions, as we have found ourselves shut in, shut off and shut out.

College has been fortunate in so many ways through this period. How lucky we are to be situated in a small provincial city in the South Island of one of the most remote countries in the world. How lucky we are to live in a country where a trust of science and a trust in government have combined to save lives. How lucky we are that in times of confusion and potential distress, we have been able to fall on our faith-inspired understanding of where we fit in the universe and our contemporary appreciation of the actions we can take to sustain our personal and collective wellbeing. This magazine celebrates a College that is grateful for the opportunities we have had in times when so many have had so much taken away…


Garth Wynne Christ’s College Executive Principal

Christ’s College Magazine Issue 39, Winter 2020

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