College – Issue 39

Giving it their all For some boys being in the senior drama production is the realisation of a long-held dream; for others it is a spur-of-the-moment decision to seize every opportunity in their final year at school. Some couldn’t imagine being anywhere but on stage, while others prefer a more invisible role behind the scenes or in the orchestra. But, whatever they do, however they participate, they all agree on one thing: it is an unforgettable experience.

Fletcher Anderson Juan Perón

“A lot of the preparation for the role involved researching Perón, studying footage and photographs of him and Eva together, picking up his mannerisms. Nicholas Sutcliffe and Helen Charlton really worked on my vocal confidence. It was a lot of fun. “I’ve always enjoyed music, drama and performing, alongside sport. It’s always been a passion of mine, but College has taken me to another level. The day we came in and saw the set was ready and all the costumes and the lighting, that really brought it to life. “Unfortunately, I broke my AC joint playing 1st XV rugby on the Saturday, so only managed to play Perón three times. My understudy Henry Briscoe did the final two performances. I was disappointed, but the silver lining was I got to see the production at the Sunday matinee – and it was awesome to see it. It was brilliant, really, really cool.”

Dominic Edmond Ché “ Evita was a juggernaut. Huge. From the music to the costumes to the acting to the singing, dancing, lighting, props and set design – it’s a mammoth production to undertake and I feel honoured to have been part of it, especially working with Georgina Scott again. “Ché was such a demanding role. In the weeks leading up to opening night I was trying to sing louder and longer without my voice cracking, but it was great to be allowed to grow my beard out, and fun having a cigar on stage, even if it was fake. After so long learning and rehearsing, and with

“I’ve been doing production tech stuff since Year 10. I’d done a bit of acting, but after being asked to help out on the production side discovered the behind the scenes stuff was a lot more fun. It’s a huge time commitment and always a huge team effort. “I’ve had a real variety of jobs and got to know some great people. College has given me the opportunity to develop these skills and I now have a whole list of things I can go out and do because of what I’ve done here. I’d advise anyone to get into the tech crew, the opportunities at College are like the best I’ve heard of and the productions we do are insane, so get amongst it.”

Ben Davis Stage Manager

“Basically my job was to make sure all the scene changes happened, and happened when they were supposed to. Keeping the entire show running smoothly hinges on everything and everyone being

in the right place at the right time, so it’s pretty intense.

Christ’s College Canterbury


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