College – Issue 39

REACTION House Plays Festival Awards 2020 Adjudicator’s 2020 Magic Moments Julius – Cupid’s excitement about “it” Somes – The Man in the Box Richards – Mrs Merryweather’s True Colours School – Building a Wall School – The Recorder Gives Up Harper – Crossword Flurry Jacobs – Ozone Hole Condell’s – Terry’s “Oh God” revelation Rolleston – Koko mounts the table

Ensemble Award – for onstage group commitment and sustained energy School – Us and Them Condell’s – The Quiz Flower’s – Don’t Count your Ostriches Rolleston – Murder at Merryweather Mansion Harper – The Waiting Game Special Technician Award – for outstanding contribution and service to all Houses School – Ben Davis Corfe – Remy Fitzgerald

Actor’s Award – for creation of a credible character, with impact Angad Vraich – Somes Josh Ratulomai – Corfe Hamish McCulloch – Harper Hugo Sudell – Julius Elia Garrett – Jacobs Alex Brett – Condell’s Liam Sue-Tang – Condell’s Ben W Young – Corfe Richard Harnett – Flower’s Runner Up Best Actor Award - for superior creation of a credible character, with impact

Max Charteris – School Reis Azlan – Condell’s

Production Award – for effective use of drama technologies

Corfe – Tik Tok moment Flower’s – The Death of Capitalism/Money shower

Best Actor Award - for outstanding creation of a credible character, with impact George Lill – Rolleston

Somes – Live Music Jacobs – Costume Julius – Overall effective technologies

Adjudicator’s Special Creativity Award

Somes – original adaption of a script Corfe – original cyclical narrative Julius – original contemporary references

Christ’s College Canterbury


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