College – Issue 39

House Music 2020 Results Mr and Mrs C.C. Moore Choral Plate for the Best Small Vocal Ensemble 1st Corfe – Most Beautiful Girl in the Room – Flight of the Conchords (arr.

Dominic Edmond) Dominic Edmond, Josh Ratulomai, Ryan Primus, James Griffin, Sam Barnett, John Wong, Henry Mossman

2nd Condell’s 3rd Somes

House Choir Instrumental Backing Trophy 1st Condell’s – Justin Hodges,

violin; Rory Doull, guitar; Jeremy Kinley, bass guitar; Matthew Brett, drums.

2nd Julius 3rd Somes

The Carey Shield for Best House Choir 1st Corfe – You Belong with Me

– Taylor Swift (Henry Mossman, conductor)

2nd Condell’s 3rd Flower’s

Parents’ Association Overall Winner of House Music 1st Corfe 2nd Condell’s 3rd Somes

College Issue 39 2020


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