College – Issue 39

VIRTUES The backstage boys of Chapel

Ederick He and Henry Eglinton stepped into the roles of Chapel Prefects this year, and have found themselves virtual production managers for the seamless flow of Chapel services.

“I had a bit of an idea of what being Chapel Prefect would entail, but we’re a bit like a backstage crew,” says Henry.

But that happens rarely.

with the prefects at the end of rows at Congers, or when the full school is attending, and help with communion when the eucharist is celebrated. “We set up for the service. We light the candles, open the doors, turn on the lights, and do all kinds of things to make sure the service can run smoothly for the Chaplain,” says Ederick, who has sung in the Chapel Choir from Year 9. Henry, by contrast, has never been a

“Most boys are happy to do the readings, but some need a little bit of encouragement. Some don’t really want to speak in public, but Dr Taylor is great with that and helps work with them.” Before all Chapel services the two Chapel Prefects are there well in advance to open the doors, display the hymn numbers, usher in the congregation, supervise

“A lot of what we do happens unseen,” says Ederick. “It’s

administration, like organising the roster of boys to do the readings and prayers, assigning boys to do that, and checking that they turn up.” If they don’t, then he and Henry are prepared to stand in!

Christ’s College Canterbury


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