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xv Carrington, CE 1965 Soldier From the War Returning p78 xvi Stowers, R. 2005. Bloody Gallipoli. Auckland. David Bateman.p 419 This information comes from a book containing recommendations for New Zealanders on Gallipoli. xvii The Press 16 October 1916. xviii Following the Christ’s College Cricket Tour in 2000, Warren Lidstone visited many of the World War 1 battlefields and cemeteries. This photograph shows the Christ’s College acknowledgement that Carrington was a Christ’s College Old Boy. xix Archives New Zealand. Archway ID R121892485 and R24096787 xx Cenotaph xxi Tau, Te Maire and A Anderson (eds) Nga¯ i Tahu A Migrations History . Wellington. Bridget Williams Books xxii See Medal Index Card. The National Archives, Kew. WO372/4/27203 xxiii Christ’s College Register 1990 p150 xxiv Cuttell p32 xxv Christ’s College Register April 1915 and August 1915. xxvi Christ’s College Register Term 1 and August 1916 xxvii Christ’s College Register December 1922 p 143 xxviii Christ’s College Register April 1924 p 345 xxix Christ’s College Register June 1922 xxx The House September 1926 Vol 5(3). See also Christ’s College Register , December 1926 p 367 xxxi Ashburton Guardian 24 August 1926 xxxii The services at the graveside was taken by Rev’d CL Sparrow (the Vicar of Malvern) and Canon Wilford (Principal of College House) The Church News September 1926, p5. A Requiem was held in ChristChurch Cathedral for Carrington and Shannon on 1 September 1926. ChristChurch Cathedral Service Register, Cathedral Collection, Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Archives. xxxiii Home to the Mountains; a story of adventure in New Zealand was written by Gerald’s sister Mollie in 1932 and illustrated by Kathleen W Coales. It tells Gerald’s story.

i See Blain, M Biographical Directory of Anglican Clergy ii SS Ophir to Sydney and then Moeraki to Lyttelton on 31 January. Arthur Hugh arrived on 19 February with the governess Miss Cogan on the Monowai from Sydney LT 19/2/1903 iii School for St Margaret’s College in Gossett, R. R Brown and J Babbington 1985. From Boaters to Backpacks: the school history and list of St Margaret’s College 1910-1985 . Christchurch. St Margaret’s College Old Girls’ Association. Joan Margaret Carrington Number 33 and Mollie Carrington Number 322. iv Names extracted from Weston, G C (ed) 1954 The College House List. Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd: Edward Edwards, Chrichton Willoughby McDouall, Eric Dudley Rice, Archibald Ernest Currie, Henry Denman Cook (1628), Tremayne Munro Curnow, William Warren Triggs, Charles Frederick Denman Cook (1627), Wilfred Gaster Williams, George Bayntun Starky (1851), Guy Wolfertsan Thomas v Philip Carrington, College House Number 107. Gerald Nelson Carrington, College House Number 198 vi Guy Thomas was the cousin of Bernard Law Montgomery 1st Viscount of Alamein see Cuttell p21 vii From the photograph album The Carrington Family in New Zealand – The First Four Years 1902-1906 , Canterbury Museum. viii Metropolitan of Canada is an equivalent title to that of Primate in New Zealand. See Cuttell, Colin.1988. Philip Carrington Pastor, Prophet, Poet. Toronto. Anglican book Centre. Cuttell prepared for ordination under Carrington and also spent a year as his military and domestic chaplain. See ix A small handbill. Star 4 July 1915 x Lyttelton Times 29 June 1912 xi Christ’s College Register December 1915 pp250-253 and Lyttelton Times 18 June 1915 xii National Portrait Gallery, London NPGx75783 Bromide print. Creative Commons Licence xiii This whole team served in the First World War. Carrington, Bowden and Pinckney were killed in action and Manning died while a prisoner of war, in the Second World War. xiv Christopher Carrington Personnel Record Archives New Zealand AABK 18805 W5530 0023071

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