College – Issue 39

spend more time there than at home,” says Kynan. “It’s meant I’ve created lifelong friendships. The Year 9 orientation day with just Year 9s and Year 13s is very special because it means the Year 9s have a mentor and role model to help them transition into College smoothly.” And while the Heads of Houses all love the rivalry of interhouse sports events, the thing they say they will miss when they leave in December is “just the everyday heading back to the Common Room.” “Just chatting with the boys about anything and everything,” says Kynan. “Being in the House system means you become very close with the others, creating this brotherhood between you and your peers.” Charlie says his memories of the House system will be “of all those lunch times spent with the boys in the House, whether we are chatting amongst ourselves or playing basketball with the older boys, it was always just nice to be able to chill with each other in between our busy workloads.”

George Simpson, Head of Richards House, feels grateful he’s had the chance to develop the life skills of communication, leadership, the building of relationships, as well as handling the responsibilities of being Head of House. “This has been the most challenging, yet rewarding part of the role. And I’ve loved welcoming new students. I’ve been able to help Year 9s in a way that I would have liked when I was their age.” Josh Johnston, Head of Jacobs House agrees that the way he saw senior students when a junior himself, influenced the manner in which he operated this year. “They were role models and I reflected on what made those year groups good, and tried to bring some of that this year.” Kynan Salt says his biggest highlight as Head of House is being able to watch the whole House engage as a single entity. “To see boys encourage each other and show the passion that is created around this House spirit, while various House events are going on, that’s been a highlight for me.”

Kynan says the role of Head of House is heavily supported by the boys around you – “especially in your year group.” “I am grateful to have such a strong group of boys supporting me this year.” Charlie says he’s learnt to trust in the people surrounding him. “They are much more keen to help than I originally thought. My biggest surprise has been the support I’ve had to aid me in becoming a better leader within the school, from both teachers and fellow students.” All the Heads of Houses said their time management and organisational skills have been enhanced by the added responsibility. Having to juggle different activities of both a personal and community nature takes skill. But all agree the benefits in personal growth are huge, and not just for the rest of the year, but also for the future. The House system itself gets the thumbs up from its 2020 leaders. “It’s a second home and a second family for many boys, as they

“ Being in the House systemmeans you become very close with the others, creating this brotherhood between you and your peers. ” Kynan Salt

L-R: Jarrad Hill (F), George Simpson (R), Ben Young (Cf), William Koko (Ro), Kynan Salt (J), Josh Johnston (Ja), Josh Wynne (H), Charlie Chubb (So), Guy Chaffey (S), Fletcher Anderson (C)

College Issue 39 2020


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