College – Issue 39

NEWS & EVENTS A change for good

After 15 years at College, Database Administration Manager Claudine Forrester has pressed the escape key and logged off for the last time. Claudine says one of the reasons she has stayed at College for so long is because she found the work, the environment and her colleagues so stimulating. She started her College career as an assistant for former senior masters Ian Bolton and Robin Sutton, then took on managing relief, NZQA and timetabling, before moving to database management in 2011. “I thought it was out of my league as I’d never done anything like it before, but as it turned out I really, really enjoyed it. I love problem solving and enjoy a challenge. I didn’t know my brain worked that way, but it does. I was lucky to have the opportunity. The work has kept me interested and shown me what I’m capable of, I feel privileged to have been given such a role.” But, describing herself as a “change person”, Claudine is now ready to move on to the next stage of her life and career. “I never imagined I’d stay in one place for so long. I like change, I like life to be exciting, and now I’m ready for my next challenge.” From working in education, Claudine plans to further her own education and will soon begin training as a reflexologist, after being introduced to the traditional massage therapy in Bali.

“The benefits of reflexology – what it’s capable of for people with different ailments – are amazing. Whatever I do, I have to be passionate about it, and I’m passionate about reflexology. I want to learn as much as I can and, although I’m not sure I’ll ever fully ‘know’ it – I think it’ll be a lifelong learning experience – I want to do it and do it well, becoming someone who makes a difference and helps other people discover how reflexology can have such incredible and positive effects.”

College Issue 39 2020


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