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the average for the entire state. This information encouraged me to open the Louisville Sports & Injury Center in 2003 and recruit a team of people dedicated to my mission: helping car accident victims. This clinic stands out from its competitors in the area for many reasons. First and foremost, the clinic is managed by two phenomenal physicians, Dr. Heather Bilston and Dr. Treece Kelley. Be sure to watch for their stories in upcoming editions! Both Dr. Bilston and Dr. Kelley serve hundreds of injured patients every year. The staff and doctors have hearts that are ready to serve, and they are experts in helping injured people restore their lives. In addition to a fantastic team, Louisville Sports & Injury Center provides a full-time transportation service that picks patients up, takes them to their appointments, and safely brings them back home. The staff also recently decided to expand their hours in order to treat the patients who can’t make appointments during the week due to career or family commitments. Lastly, the staff always ensures that the clinic is at the forefront of the newest medical technology. Between purchasing new X-ray machines and getting training for deep-tissue massages, our staff is constantly striving to offer the best possible service to the patients they love. Come on down to the Louisville Sports & Injury Center to meet with our physicians, ask any questions you might have, and work to get your body where it needs to be to keep up with the chaos that goes hand in hand with the start of the school year.

The Louisville Sports & Injury Center: The Early Years

Why I Love What I Do

With the school year back in full swing, people’s lives tend to go from “busy” to “rushed.” Kids ditch their breakfast to catch the bus in the morning, parents speed away from work to see the kickoff of their kid’s football game, and teachers stay up late to create lesson plans and grade students’ essays. It almost seems as though the end of summer signals the end of relaxation. But all this rushing in life can lead to chaos, and chaos can lead to accidents. An accident was actually what got me interested in chiropractic in the first place. In 1995, I was in an automobile collision that left me badly injured. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but the pain I was experiencing was awful, so I made my first appointment. It’s been 23 years since that appointment, and to this day, I still credit that chiropractor with saving my life. He not only helped reduce my pain and taught me rehabilitation exercises, but he inspired me to change my career path. You see, I was a salesman before I started my

journey to become a chiropractor. I enjoyed my sales job because I enjoyed working with people. But I wanted to do more. After doing some research, I applied to Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia. During my education there, I was given the opportunity to study human anatomy, common injuries, preventative treatments,

"It’s been 23 years since that appointment, and to this day, I still credit that chiropractor with saving my life."

and rehabilitation. After I graduated and received my license, I opened my first office in Florida, Applied Sports & Injury Center, which has been running successfully for the last 22 years. Not too long after I opened my first clinic, I decided that I wanted to expand. I just needed to find a location in need of a clinic specializing in car accident victims. According to City-Data, the average number of accidents in Louisville from 1994-2014 was consistently higher than

–Robert Kleinfield

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