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THE SMART VALVE Conserve Water, Save Cost E ver increasing water costs and limited supply has moved water sustainability and cost management as a top priority for

pressure variations. Therefore, the new SMART VALVE model does not only result in direct savings but also indirect savings because the settings can be changed without requiring the services of a plumber or shutting down water ow to the facility. While there are a couple small competitors attempting to sell variations of their rst-generation design, “we have now created a product which makes any other existing products obsolete,” Chaln asserted with pride and a big smile. As reported to FlowDynamics by John Wareld, President of Personal Property

most organizations. What consumers are unaware of is that they are paying for more water than they use because of inherent water meter inaccuracy. Meters measure the volume passing through them; both water and air. Due to constant uctuation in the water pressure according to the user’s demands, meters also over-spin resulting in higher readings. This uctuation then travels through the meter into the city main and

Je Chaln

results in an increased volume of air in the system. It can also result in turbulence and pressure surges, which lead to further inaccuracy of the meters. THE SMART VALVE takes well-known principals of pressure and uid dynamics and applies them in a new and nancially rewarding product to resolve all these issues. “We have designed andmanufactured the SMART VALVE to eliminate the excessive costs resulting from the inherent shortcomings of meters, signicantly reducing end-users water costs,” says Je Chaln, CEO of FlowDynamics, LLC, the patent holder andmanufacturer of the SMART VALVE. The SMART VALVE resolves the water measurement issues by creating a backpressure upstream through the water meter so that the pressure drop from user demand does not reach the meter, and any air from the municipal side is compressed before reaching the meter. This is because the column of pressurized water around the water meter maintains an elevated pressure close to static pressure and has a smoother, more laminar ow. As a result, the meter measures little air volume, the turbulence is signicantly lessened. The valve acts also as a shock absorber against surges and shock waves, which can damage equipment. The company’s rst generation valve was the rst technology patent received in this eld resulting in a proven history of increased savings for its user. Based on feedback from our customers, nationwide, and with our advanced engineering, our 2nd Generation Smart Valve has been designed to permit the user to make external adjustments after the installation has been completed. This exciting design improvement permits for the calibration (after installation) for the specic requirements of the individual location, and avoids the possibility of having to remove the valve to make further adjustments to accommodate

Management, Inc. (largest HOAmanagement company in the Coachella Valley) installation of the Smart Valve on irrigation lines for Vista Del Sol Homeowners Association, where the valve had been used in two water meters servicing the irrigation system, “After a four-week trial period the reduction in consumption measured was reduced dramatically (from 23,900 gallons to 14,700 gallons) representing a 32 percent benet which will save us thousands of dollars annually. We are recommending the installation of your valves on other meters which have large water usage,” according toWareld. FlowDynamics, based in Carlsbad, CA, plans to expand its distributor network—both domestically and internationally— and welcomes inquiries from experienced distributors. The company is now exploring the use of its valves in the gas industry, refrigeration, and water pump energy reduction, while also further developing its capabilities with versions that would include backow prevention and eliminating unmeasured ow for municipalities. “With water becoming one of our most precious and expensive resources, our game-changing technology should become standard equipment for anyone paying a water bill,” concludes Chaln. With water becoming one of our most precious and expensive resources, our game- changing technology should become standard equipment for anyone paying a water bill

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