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13 th A nnual M id -A tlantic B uildings & F acilities M anagement S how & C onference REGLAZING and REFINSHING REIMAGINED Tubs, Tile and Porcelain Will Never Be the Same


or reglazers and re- finishers, the Armor- guard ® System is a

VOC compliant, “Green Wise” certified and better 
for the environment, too. Get creative and choose from Plextone ® white, solid colors or multi-color. HOW IT WORKS – WHY IT’S BETTER Faster, Safer and Environ- mentally Friendly and More. Finishing tile and porcelain surfaces, and reglazing tubs and surrounding 
tile used to be difficult work delivering mixed results. Many of the chemicals
 made it not only unpleasant but often danger- ous. No longer. Now you get can get solvent-based polyure- thane performance without polyurethane headaches. It’s the latest better idea from Seagrave. Armorguard® is the first water-based sys- tem, and changes how you’ll reglaze, refinish tubs, tile and porcelain of all 
kinds for the better, with simply amazing features and benefits. Peter Tepperman i s President/Owner of Sea- grave in Kenilworth, NJ. 

celain. Your past issues with solvent -
polyurethane fin- ickiness, and concerns about “free” isocyanates that re- quired special respirators are a thing of the past, and you’ll love cleaning-up without sol- vents. At Seagrave, we’ve been reinventing paint and coatings since 1846. Armor- guard ® and Miraglaze ® , our polyaspartic high solids top coat, are breakthrough prod- ucts changing everything for the better. Easier to Apply, Quality You Can Count On You’ll appreciate the ad- vantages, and your customers will love the quality. 
Instead of smelly, flammable, tricky to work with and imperfect appearances, 
count on the easier to apply, quicker to clean-up and a superior fi- nal product
every time. The Armorguard ® System deliv- ers acrylic urethane sur- face 
hardness, but cures in hours, not days, for fast return to service. Use it 
con- fidently, and because it’s

r a d i c a l l y better 
idea. This is the first water- based system to finish and r e f u r b i s h tile meaning fewer
steps w i t h o u t

Peter Tepperman

acid-etch, solvents, bonds or epoxies, and without air feed 
respirators. It’s easier to work with, cleans-up with- out solvents and there is 
no chalking, yellowing or noxious odors to upset occupants and owners. 
Best of all, it cures overnight, treat it today, use it tomorrow. With the first 
truly water-based sys- tem, Seagrave has changed everything. Again. We’ve Streamlined Tub and Tile Finishing The Armorguard ® Water- Based system is a streamlined innovation for the
re finishing of tubs, tile and all things por-

Seagrave’s latest invention introduces a new and truly revolutionary addition to our Plextone line. Liquid Chips unleash dramatic decorat- ing potential at lower cost and installation in a fraction of the time. Now architects, designers and facility managers have an easy, efficient way to get a terrazzo, granite or faux stone-like finish. Your tired walls, floors, countertops and more can be quickly renewed and given new life.

We will go the extra mile to restore order to families, businesses and communities by doing the job right the rst time with eciency and compassion. Our knowledgeable team of professionals will be the bridge between the customer and insurance professional through excellent communication.

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