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By Michael Mullin, Integrated Business Systems Yes, Cybercriminals are targeting your company


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the volume of cybercrime news in the feed it is easy to become desensitized. Do not get complacent. Yes, it COULD happen to you. In fact, the likelihood that your company will be (or has already been!) in the sights of a cyber- criminal is strong. As we enter October – National Cybersecu- rity Awareness Month – this is a great time to take a look at how to minimize your vulner- ability. The world of cybercrime and the associated protections are constantly evolving. Your knowledge must, too. Let’s start by looking at how

professional-sector businesses – like commercial real estate – are typically targeted. Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investiga- tions Report notes that among cybercrime attempts and in- cidents 70 percent generated from an outside source, while 31 percent were launched in- house – by an employee with bad intent or by team member who simply made a mistake (such as clicking through on a phishing email). Fifty-six percent of attacks targeted per- sonal information, 28 percent involved stolen credentials, and 16 percent involved theft of pro- prietary company information. Further, most compromises took just seconds or minutes to initiate, yet two-thirds of them were not discovered for months or more – and typically by a third party, such as a cus- tomer, according to the Verizon report. Sound scary? It is. From hog-tied employee productivity, to compromised data, to legal and financial ramifications, to reputational loss, cybercrime is a serious threat to businesses of all sizes, across all industries. The good news is that just as cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated, so are the solutions for protecting against it. For starters, firewalls are stronger and anti-virus soft- ware is smarter than ever before. And, thanks to cloud computing, updates can be delivered to end users in real time. Beyond these “traditional” means, today’s best cybercrime defenses include even more layers of protection – notably autonomous endpoint protec- tion security software. End points are personal comput- ers, network servers and other devices connected to the Inter- net. When they are exposed, systems and data become vul- nerable. Unlike traditional anti-virus solutions, advanced end-point protection platforms do not require prior knowledge of an attack in order to detect and remediate it. They apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to continuously outflank attackers. Still, the best technology protections will not stop an employee from clicking on an infected link. Building knowl- edge is building power when it comes to minimizing human er- ror. Education should be ongo- ing – not a one-time thing – and integrated in the on-boarding continued on page 6B

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commercial real estate world, pressing deadlines and busy schedules can quickly re-direct attention back to day-to-day tasks. And, quite frankly, with

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