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What Will You Do With Your Leap Day?

Irish Traditions and Choosing What’s Important

Since then, leap day is known as Bachelor’s Day in parts of Ireland and Europe, and any man brazen enough to turn down his suitor must make right by gifting her a new gown or pair of gloves (apparently in the Middle Ages, the gloves were to cover up the unmarried woman’s ringless finger). If you’ve seen the movie “Leap Year,” you know the plot calls on this Irish tradition. The lead character, played by Amy Adams, follows her beau to Ireland in the hopes of proposing to him on leap day. Of course, a series of misadventures leads to some unexpected turns. I’ll leave the rest for you to watch if you haven’t yet seen it. There is one part toward the end of the movie where the fire alarm in the lead character’s apartment goes off. Her beau immediately starts grabbing their valuable electronics like laptops, phones, and other equipment. In making that choice, he reveals what’s of value to him, and Amy Adams’ character realizes that he isn’t concerned for her well-being or safety. It makes you think: When time is at a premium, what do you choose? I encourage you to keep this sentiment with you this year on leap day.

birthdays, and they both agreed that they celebrate on Feb. 28 during non-leap years. I can’t imagine having a different birthday date for the majority of your life! All I know is that with Feb. 29 coming only once every four years, they’re going to age much less quickly than the rest of us. In Ireland, there’s an old legend about leap year that comes from a supposed interaction between the country’s patron saints, St. Brigid and St. Patrick. Apparently, the two struck a deal that once every four years, tradition would be turned on its head, and women would propose to men.

Once every four years, we get an extra day at the end of February. You might look at it as a bonus 24 hours to spend doing something you love, and it’s even better this year because it falls on a Saturday. What will you do with your “extra” time? Call your siblings, write a letter, watch a movie, go skiing? How you choose to spend your additional time can reveal what’s important to you. For a leap day baby, the most important question is likely deciding when you celebrate your birthday. Do you celebrate on Feb. 28? How about on March 1? I asked a couple people I know with Feb. 29

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