Dr. Darrell Menard, Canada’s Olympic 2012 team physician


Hewas part of the ParalympicGames in 1980 as a coach and guide runner. Twice before hewas shortlisted as a physician for the Olympics, but not chosen, and he was pleasantly surprised to be selected this time. His role as core physician includes caring for Canadian athletes and athletes whose national teams do not bring a team doctor. He expects to work very long hours,

you enjoy? Generally he advises older patients to engage in exercise with less impact such as swimming, spinning, core exercises, and hot yoga, which he recommends. For machines, he suggests ellipticals and treadmills which reduce body weight. He also advises just walking. “If you could get everyone to walk 45 minutes a day it would have a greater impact on the healthcarebudgetthananyotherstrategy. It can be done at any level from Olympic level to gentle dog walking.” Healsoapprovesofdanceasanactivity. “Like walking, dance can go from high performance such as ballroomdancing to line dancing for fun. Lots of my patients say dancing is life. It’s good socially and great exercise.” Besides running the practice, Menard and his wife Janet teach physical examinationskillsatUniversityofOttawa, Queens University and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Their children are grown, with one finishing hisfamilymedicineresidency,oneapolice officerintheRCMP,andonealocalteacher. Menard was born in Edmonton and transferred toOttawa in 1992. The couple went house-hunting, had lunch at George’s Restaurant and fell in love with Russell.“Welookedateachotherandsaid, ‘this feels like home.’ We haven’t changed our minds. We feel blessed.”

RUSSELL | Russell resident and sports medicine doctor, Darrell Menard, has beenchosenasoneofthecorephysicians who will attend Team Canada at the OlympicGamesinLondonthissummer. Acompetitiveathletesincetheageof15, Dr.MenardjoinedtheCanadianForcesand

sleep very little, and have no time for sightseeing. Itmakes scheduling for his Russell practice a challengesohekeeps the trip as short as possible, not wanting to leave his patients without care. Until four years

tookhisfirstdegreein Physical Education in the 1970s. He earned hisMastersin1980,did medical school prerequisites for four more years, attended medicalschoolforfive more years, and was finally certified in 1994—a journey of 22 years. This was while

“If you could get everyone to walk 45 minutes a day it would have a greater impact on the health care budget than any other strategy.” - Dr Darrell Menard

ago he ran competitively, but switched to race walking. “My legs are getting older. This is low-impact, but it is no easier for cardiovascularexercise.”Healsocompetes in track. “Movement is life. If you stop moving you go downhill very quickly. Learn as you age. Reinvent yourself. You can’t do what you did at age 17, but the fact that your body needs to be used does not change.” When he treats his aged patients he asks them, what can you do and what do

workinginthemilitaryandraisingafamily with his wife, Janet, a nurse-practitioner. Together they have a clinic in Russell, andDr.Menardhasfrequentlybeenasked toserveasateamdoctorforathleticevents, including 20 years with Russell’s Jr. C hockey team. He worked in the military’s international sports program, covered the Canada Games, World Track and Field, Francophonie Games, Canadian Winter Games, Women’s U-17 Worlds, and Commonwealth Youth Games, among others.

Submitted Photo Sports Medicine physician, Dr. Darrell Menard, is shown competing in the Nordion 5K run. Saison exceptionnelle

26 mai

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