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MAY 2020

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Penrose Power is designed to improve bone density and full-body strength. If you need more strength to make daily life easier or to return to hiking, kayaking, traveling, or whatever you love doing, this is for you! Penrose Posture and Flexibility is a modified version of yoga using a chair. This version focuses on poses that increase bone density while improving your posture and mobility. You will FEEL more fluid and taller after this class. Penrose Pro is a circuit class addressing all six important functions of fitness: strength, endurance, cardio, posture, flexibility, and balance! Tai Chi Quan Moving for Better Balance teaches eight forms adapted from the 24-form Tai Ji Quan routine. The class will improve your balance and help prevent falls. Monday: Penrose Power, 10 a.m.; Tai Chi Quan, 11 a.m. Tuesday: Penrose Posture, 10 a.m. Wednesday: Penrose Power, 10 a.m. Thursday: Penrose Posture, 10 a.m. Friday: Tai Chi Quan, 11:15 a.m. Saturday: Penrose Posture, 9 a.m.; Penrose Pro, 10 a.m. Small-Group Training Sessions Now Being Held Virtually via Google Hangouts!


They brought enough to feed everyone, and everyone appreciated the time and effort they put in. It made our week, if not our month! In that spirit, my staff and I have found small ways over the years to say thank you to our clients and cheer them on when they meet their goals. Every month, we try to do a giveaway to reward our clients who are working hard and spreading the word about our practice. In the past, we’ve given away tickets for experiences, like massages and exercise classes, and useful items, like massage sticks, shoulder pulleys, and ice packs. This month, in the spirit of May Day, we’re planning our most exciting gift yet, a Mother’s Day- themed basket with a certificate for a free massage and a hot pack! There are a bunch of different ways to enter the giveaway in the first three weeks of May, including these: • Have perfect attendance for all your in-house or telehealth appointments (one entry) • Check in on Facebook when you arrive at the clinic or log in to your telehealth appointment (one entry) • Share two Penrose Facebook posts (one entry) • Refer a friend or family member who comes in to see us or schedules a telehealth appointment (two entries) • Leave us a five-star review on Google (two entries) Thinking back on May Day this year, I realized that I’ve never done a May Day flower drop-off with my sons. I’m not sure why that tradition fell off over the years, but I never forgot the power of small gifts. I’m thrilled to offer you all the chance at a May Day/Mother’s Day present this year, and I’ll have my fingers crossed for you! We’ll draw a name in the last week of May. If you have any questions about the giveaway or how to enter, don’t hesitate to call the clinic. – Dr. Jennifer Penrose

When I was a kid growing up in Fargo, North Dakota, May 1 was one of my favorite days of the year after my birthday, Christmas, and Easter. That’s because my family celebrated May Day, meaning we spent the afternoon making May Day baskets full of flowers to leave on the porches of our friends and neighbors. Every year without fail, we’d sneak our baskets one by one onto front stoops, then ring the doorbell and run away before the door opened. I didn’t know it at the time, but May Day actually dates back to Floralia, the Roman flower festival, so I was participating in an ancient tradition. As a kid, I just loved the thrill of ringing the doorbell and dashing away, but looking back, it’s the image of someone opening the door and smiling at flowers that gets me. A little gift like that can really turn a bad day around, as I’ve been lucky enough to experience myself at Penrose & Associates PT. I often tell people that my team and I have the best clients in the world, and I’m not kidding! Over the years, people we’ve helped recover have made incredible gestures to thank us for our hard work, and they’re always so appreciated. Instead of May Day flowers, we’ve had clients bring in boxes of doughnuts, homemade cookies, and homemade salsa in Tupperware tubs. The salsa was one of my favorite gifts — it was absolutely delicious, and the client wouldn’t tell us what was in it! My staff and I finished the tub off easily, and when we gave it back, the client refilled it and brought it in again. Even more touching, recently a pair of clients who are husband and wife actually made an entire home-cooked meal for our staff. It was so, so thoughtful of them, and the Korean beef bulgogi, garlic green beans, and sticky rice were absolutely delicious. To ensure patient safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hosting our FREE classes virtually via Google Hangouts. Visit our website or call for more details. 360-456-1444

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