LOFT Influencer Getaway - Case Study

The Challenge

To support its upcoming Fall Collection launch, LOFT hired CBC to develop an in f uencer program to generate content and build awareness on social media for the line. First, we needed a location. Somewhere aspirational, with engaging activities that encouraged content creation. It also had to accommodate a group of high-impact in f uencers for 3-days, providing luxury accommodations, comfortable common spaces, and access to creature comforts. Then, we needed attendees. A group of lifestyle and fashion in f uencers that would capture diverse and authentic content to share with their readers. So, we used our years of House program experience and range of in f uencer marketing skills to create the Ultimate Fall Content Trip . An exclusive opportunity for 9 lifestyle and fashion in f uencers to experience LOFT’s Fall Collection through an interactive trip schedule, creating authentic content and building lasting relationships.

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