2022 South Disposables Guide

SmartWall Wall Shelving • A unique storage and work station system for often underutilized space—empty walls • Ideal for around and above sinks, work tables, and equipment to keep stations clean and organized • Flexible, robust design available in durable finishes for both dry and wet/damp conditions

Easy to Adjust : Uprights and grid brackets can be easily repositioned along the track.

Easy to Clean : Shelves, shelf supports, and grids can easily be removed for thorough cleaning of walls. Wall tracks and uprights can easily be wiped clean.


Task Stations Unique combinations of wall tracks, shelves, grids, and accessories. Adjustable Wall Shelving Standard Metro Super Erecta wire and solid, Super Erecta Pro, MetroMax Q, and MetroMax i TM shelves can be used with the SmartWall G3 shelf supports.

Mightylite™ Pan Carrier Accessories • Upgrade your pan carriers with these optional accessories designed to increase serving capabilities and improve efficiency

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Dolly for ML300, ML400, ML180, ML180Xl

Thermal Partition for ML300, ML400, ML180, ML180Xl


Wire Caddy for ML300, ML400


Heater for ML300, ML400, ML180, ML180Xl

Serving Ring for ML180, ML180XL

Carrying Strap for ML300, ML400, ML180, ML180XL

*Also available in 240V





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