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Put On an Event to Bring in New Leads

People are social animals. We like to gather together; it’s one of our most basic instincts. Want to play on that instinct to boost your business and attract new leads? Plan and throw a free event! Free events are “a great way to help attract new customers, cement relationships with existing customers, and build buzz about your business,” says small-business expert Rieva Lesonsky. A public gathering is a good way to get your foot in the

door and generate some leads from the general public. It could be a free workshop or seminar, a meet-and-greet luncheon for local small-business owners, or even a birthday party for your company. Promoting your event is vital. You’ll want to invite your existing customers, and keep up a strong social media presence before, during, and after the event. One great way to advertise events is with a print newsletter, especially if you include a freestanding flyer for the event inside the newsletter. For more ideas on event promotion — as well as a great primer on event planning in general — check out Judy Allen’s book “Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide.” It goes into all the factors of event planning in way more detail than we can here! A free event is well worth the effort. Nothing builds the same goodwill in the community, generates leads from the public, and puts a great face on your business like a free lunch or workshop. And for some business owners, such as attorneys, hosting a free event might be one of the few ways to promote your company without running afoul of marketing rules that apply to your specific profession. Are you ready to host your own free event yet? Plan, promote, and don’t forget to follow up. Strike when the iron is hottest, during and immediately after the event, for great leads and customer retention rates. Be sure to ask people where they heard of your business as well — something you should already be doing. That way you’ll know how successful your event was at attracting new leads!

How to Leave a Message That Will Get You a Callback

Voicemails can be awkward — so awkward, in fact, that many young people don’t use them anymore. If they call and the party doesn’t answer, they just send a text instead. If they don’t text, the party assumes the question was answered. Business is different. Sometimes things can only be explained over the phone, and a voicemail just feels more personal. Since most small businesses involve outreach by phone of some kind to confirm appointments or deliver quotes, here are some strategies for securing a callback.

when you’ve convinced them in 30 seconds why they should call back, they’ll be listening the second time. Try being brief as well — less than 30 seconds — so the recipient knows that you respect their time and that a return call won’t take forever.

What Will Calling You Back Do for Them? During that crucial 30 seconds, there might be a lot of ground to cover, but be direct. Clearly state your business and explain how talking to you will benefit them. Just like in your business, your purpose is to offer value. If your value to them is clear in your voicemails, you should have no problem getting a timely callback.

Tone, Repetition, and Brevity Just like in real life, your tone is often more important than your message. Being clear and enthusiastic will go a long way. This is especially important at the end. A good-natured “Look forward to talking with you!” will go a lot further than a lackadaisical “Thanks.” Get into a habit of saying your phone number twice. Radio commercials do that for a reason. Consider offering it at the beginning, and then

Bonus Tip: Just for fun, here is a “trick play” if you want to have fun or be creative. If you want a callback, “accidentally” cut off your message before sharing valuable information. For example, “I really need to get in touch with you so I can …” or “I have your …” There’s nothing wrong with a little strategy when it comes to growing your business!


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