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C elebrate the S mall T hings

Shelly Coffman

Think of the many ways we celebrate each other, from big events to small acknowledgements; all are important. Fun fact: The third Thursday in April is National High Five Day. This caught my attention in my current “knock out goals”mode for 2019. I am often my own primary goal checker, making it typically a solitary acknowledgement. This year, however, I made a point to tell people about my goals to increase my focus and garner some additional accountability. No one knows you fail if you don’t tell them. But I hadn’t as much appreciated the “high five” effect. I have continued to work on my 2019 “one thing”with my daughter (which somehow involves A LOT of ice cream). To keep up with my ever-energetic kiddo, I have also kept working on my fitness to increase my muscle mass and endurance and lose even more weight. I told anyone who would listen. Why? So I would have more people to answer to than just myself. The amount of support, information, and helpful tips I received was inspiring and kept me on task when I was stressed, overtired, or even able to stay on task with a little ice cream.

Celebrations are important. Happiness is earned in our lives and as such, holds extra value. Marking those occasions with small or large exclamation points counts. Joy is not a constant but comes in moments — fantastic moments — that we prefer to share. A high five, “atta boy or girl,” or “way to go!” goes a long way for each of us in building community, cementing positive memories, and steering our path. I like to think of it like the game we all played as kids with a balloon. One little push will keep that balloon floating in the air, and the game can go on a long time with a little external effort to keep the balloon afloat and from hitting the ground. Acknowledging someone’s persistence, commitment, hard work, bravery, or values in whatever they achieved feeds both the celebrated and the celebrant. Celebration, big or small, keeps the joy afloat. Think of what celebrations you have coming up: things you’re proud of for yourself, your children, your partner, your spouse, your friends, your family, or your work colleagues. If you take a moment to relax and let your mind wander, I bet you’ll feel a high five coming for you.

–-Shelly Coffman 1

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