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It’s My Birthday Month Let Me Give You a Gift

Let me tell you why the laser is so exciting — aside from the fact that it feels futuristic. For as long as I’ve been practicing, there’s never been a way to speed up the healing process. At best, you could keep things on track. At worst, you could slow them down — or even reverse progress. This new laser allows us to see changes much faster, sometimes in the course of just one session. The fact that this transformation is achieved by harnessing natural healing properties is astounding. The laser uses light energy to speed up healing and resolve inflammation. There’s nothing foreign coming into contact with your body. If that sounds too good to be true, I totally get it. We’ve been sold a bill of goods over the years in terms of health and wellness. Fad diets, miracle pills, and supplements that purport to be just as good as natural food are a dime a dozen. I’m very skeptical about anything that claims to be the next big thing. But I’ve tried the laser for myself and used it on patients — including my husband and daughter! Maybe my inherently critical predisposition contributed to the high level of my amazement when I discovered that the laser did exactly what it was supposed to. I can say without reservation that I’m a believer in this technology. You don’t have to take my word for it. Come in to Professional Physical Therapy and give the laser a try. Birthdays, after all, are about sharing great experiences. Let us share this one with you.

May is my birthday month, which always gets me thinking about how quickly time passes. I’m fond of saying that as you get older, the days go by more slowly, but the years go by faster. A birthday is a perfect time to slow down for a moment and take stock of just how quickly life flies by. As a kid, on the other hand, I mostly looked forward to birthdays as a chance to have some fun. When I was 13, my parents engineered a surprise party for me. Not only did I have no idea what was coming, but they also invited a very special guest. One of the dance instructors from “Saturday Night Fever” was there to teach my friends and me dance moves. To be honest, I had trouble “Stayin’ Alive” that night because I thought I had died and gone to heaven. These days, however, birthdays are more about taking stock of where I am rather than dancing the night away. As we age, we have to be more careful about the choices we make. There’s no denying that we become more physically vulnerable as we grow older. We need to offset that through nutrition, exercise, and wellness. In the past, most people thought that required a growing list of medications. Luckily, that opinion is quickly changing. Speaking of changes, Professional Physical Therapy recently adopted a piece of technology that is probably the single most exciting device I’ve seen in my 30 years as a clinician. I’m talking about our new Lightforce Class IV deep tissue laser. This month, I’d like to give our patients an opportunity to check out the laser for themselves. You’ll find information about how to do that on the insert inside this newsletter. Think of it as a birthday gift from me to you.

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz


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