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It’s My Birthday Month Let Me Give You a Gift

Let me tell you why the laser is so exciting — aside from the fact that it feels futuristic. For as long as I’ve been practicing, there’s never been a way to speed up the healing process. At best, you could keep things on track. At worst, you could slow them down — or even reverse progress. This new laser allows us to see changes much faster, sometimes in the course of just one session. The fact that this transformation is achieved by harnessing natural healing properties is astounding. The laser uses light energy to speed up healing and resolve inflammation. There’s nothing foreign coming into contact with your body. If that sounds too good to be true, I totally get it. We’ve been sold a bill of goods over the years in terms of health and wellness. Fad diets, miracle pills, and supplements that purport to be just as good as natural food are a dime a dozen. I’m very skeptical about anything that claims to be the next big thing. But I’ve tried the laser for myself and used it on patients — including my husband and daughter! Maybe my inherently critical predisposition contributed to the high level of my amazement when I discovered that the laser did exactly what it was supposed to. I can say without reservation that I’m a believer in this technology. You don’t have to take my word for it. Come in to Professional Physical Therapy and give the laser a try. Birthdays, after all, are about sharing great experiences. Let us share this one with you.

May is my birthday month, which always gets me thinking about how quickly time passes. I’m fond of saying that as you get older, the days go by more slowly, but the years go by faster. A birthday is a perfect time to slow down for a moment and take stock of just how quickly life flies by. As a kid, on the other hand, I mostly looked forward to birthdays as a chance to have some fun. When I was 13, my parents engineered a surprise party for me. Not only did I have no idea what was coming, but they also invited a very special guest. One of the dance instructors from “Saturday Night Fever” was there to teach my friends and me dance moves. To be honest, I had trouble “Stayin’ Alive” that night because I thought I had died and gone to heaven. These days, however, birthdays are more about taking stock of where I am rather than dancing the night away. As we age, we have to be more careful about the choices we make. There’s no denying that we become more physically vulnerable as we grow older. We need to offset that through nutrition, exercise, and wellness. In the past, most people thought that required a growing list of medications. Luckily, that opinion is quickly changing. Speaking of changes, Professional Physical Therapy recently adopted a piece of technology that is probably the single most exciting device I’ve seen in my 30 years as a clinician. I’m talking about our new Lightforce Class IV deep tissue laser. This month, I’d like to give our patients an opportunity to check out the laser for themselves. You’ll find information about how to do that on the insert inside this newsletter. Think of it as a birthday gift from me to you.

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz


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Traveling With the Grandkids?

medical care in case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to have a letter of permission

We could all use a vacation, and if you’re looking to bond with your grandkids, a trip might be the perfect answer. It’s fun for you, and getting away from Mom and Dad for a while is thrilling for any kid. But before you board a plane to Italy with your granddaughter or rent an RV for a trip to Yellowstone with your grandsons, there are a few things you need to check off your to-do list. DON’T LET THE PARENTS WORRY Letting their kids go on a trip without them can be nerve-wracking for parents. Don’t view parental worries as an implication that you are an irresponsible grandparent. Instead, think about how you felt when your own children were young, and take steps to alleviate the parents’ concerns. If your daughter asks you not to be on your phone while in crowded public places because she’s concerned you might lose sight of her child, promise to keep the phone in your pocket. If your son-in-law wants regular updates, make time before bed for your grandchild to call home and tell her father about all the fun she’s having. A little compromise can lead to less stress and more fun for everyone. PACK NECESSARY DOCUMENTS You need to have some form of ID for your grandkids. Older kids can use a driver’s license, but if you’re traveling with little ones, find a copy of their birth certificates. You also need copies of insurance and prescription cards and a notarized letter from the parents granting you permission to authorize

for your grandkids to travel with you. Make sure the letter is signed by all legal guardians, especially if your grandchild’s parents are divorced. You don’t want to accidentally cause a custody dispute.

PLAN A TRIP YOU’LL BOTH LOVE When planning your itinerary, ask yourself if your grandkids will have fun, too. You might be excited to visit an art museum, but a younger child might not appreciate it as much. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit museums or historical sites! In fact, most of these places offer kid-centric activities, like scavenger hunts, that can help a younger audience engage with the environment. Just be sure to think of your grandchild first when planning. There’s nothing like the adventure of travel to bring generations closer together and create lasting memories. These tips will help you ensure those memories are good ones. Happy travels!


“I started laser therapy because of my back pain. Before getting laser, I could not reach past my knees. However, after just a few treatments, I could touch my toes! One of the activities I was struggling with was gymnastics. I could not participate in gymnastics for several months. Now, I am able to do much more at practice and am much more flexible!”

“The laser treatments on my shoulders were a big surprise and bonus on top of my PT. My first treatment was very good, and I came away from it with no more pain! I signed up for five treatments. So far, my pain level is no more than a one, and that’s when I overdo it. I am so happy


I experienced the laser treatment. I would certainly do it again if needed. I realize I need to be more vigilant and guarded with how I treat my shoulders. I would certainly recommend the laser treatment to friends and family.”

–Jeanne Coughlin

–Kate Rudolph

“I began laser therapy after suffering an ACL tear, and I was having trouble progressing. Laser therapy helped me get back on track. My knee and kneecap began to feel normal, with little to no clicking. Thank you, Dr. Patt and Sue!”

“Laser therapy was an excellent way to speed up the rest of my PT regimen. It took weeks off my recovery time, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

–Ria Mathur

–Tim Hughes

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Want to see our

Class IV Deep Tissue Medical Laser in action?

Join Professional Physical Therapy and Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz for a laser therapy workshop this June.

The workshop will feature education, Q&A, and live demonstrations!

Learn how laser therapy accelerates the healing process naturally, without the need for surgery, medications, or injections. If you want a special sneak peek at what the laser can do for you, turn this insert over for a special gift from Stacey.

MAY IS STACEY’S BIRTHDAY MONTH, AND SHE WANTED TO GIVE A SPECIAL GIFT TO THE PROFESSIONAL PHYSICAL THERAPY FAMILY OF PATIENTS. This month only, Professional Physical Therapy is giving away 10 FREE laser therapy trial sessions. If you’d like to be one of the lucky few who participates in these sessions, call Professional Physical Therapy today. Space is extremely limited, and we expect these sessions to go quickly.

Professional Physical Therapy 620 Old West Central Street Franklin, MA 02038 508.528.6100

When you call, use the password “Travolta” to secure your space. Don’t wait. Call us today to experience the future of physical therapy.

Separate Fact From Fiction Is ColdWater Bad forYou? Have you ever come across an article claiming you shouldn’t drink cold water? According to some sources, ice water and other iced beverages are harmful to your health. But is there any truth to it? Let’s look at the three most commonly cited reasons: • Drinking cold water causes blood vessels to constrict, which decreases circulation, so your body is unable to digest nutrients and water as effectively as it otherwise would. • Cold drinks turn certain fats solid after consumption. These solid fats are harder to digest, and fats are crucial to the absorption of certain fat-soluble nutrients. • Cold water weakens the immune system. It triggers mucus production and strains your immune system, which makes you more susceptible to illness.

There is some truth here. Drinking cold water does cause blood vessels to constrict. It can also cause some fats to turn solid. But that’s where the truth ends and the science gets a little shaky. There are no scientific studies that indicate drinking cold water is bad for you. One important thing to keep in mind is body temperature. Your body is usually good at regulating its internal temperature. When you drink cold water, your body works to bring your temperature and circulation back to normal. By the time fat solids hit your digestive tract, they’ve softened up quite a bit, and your body will digest them normally. No matter what temperature you like your beverages, water does your body good. Plus, water is one of the best free weight loss tools around. When you replace all other beverages with water — cold, warm, or hot — your body feels full longer without added calories.

Sautéed Zucchini and Squash With Feta

Inspired by


2 teaspoons fresh thyme

1 zucchini

“I chose to give this donation to Boston Children’s Hospital. I went to the emergency room there a few years ago. I went there again in November to have an operation to help with my walking. Both times, they did an excellent job. I hope this donation will help other kids get better.”

1 summer squash

1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 medium red onion

– Nick Ogiba

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

Boston Children’s Hospital has a mission to improve the health and well- being of children and families in our local community. The hospital leverages its resources with community partnerships to address health disparities, improve child-health outcomes, and enhance the quality of life for children and families. We chose Nick as our patient of the month for two reasons: his excellent recovery and his ability to lift the spirits of everybody around him in the clinic. The first time we met Nick, he had a hard time standing up. Now there are times we have to run to keep up with him. Nick’s time with us is winding down due to his hard work and progression, and while we are happy for him, we will certainly miss him.


1. Cut zucchini into 1/4 -inch-thick semicircles. Dice onion.

2. Heat a large skillet to medium high. Add olive oil, onion, and thyme.

3. Once onion is soft (about 2 minutes), add zucchini and squash. Season with salt and pepper; cook 4–5 minutes until squash barely begins to caramelize.

4. Place in serving bowl and top with feta.

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Thank you for being part of the Professional Physical Therapy family!


A Birthday Gift From Stacey Secrets to a Great Family Vacation What Our Patients Are Saying Can Drinking Cold Water Hurt You? Sautéed Zucchini and Squash With Feta The Laser Therapy Revolution


Laser therapy may not yet be widely available — Professional Physical Therapy is the first practice in our area with a laser of its own — but it’s already an FDA-approved, clinically proven method. Professional athletes have benefited from laser therapy for years, proving its efficacy at the highest levels of competition. Previous classes of lasers weren’t able to achieve the depth of photon penetration to reach internal tissue. That is not an issue with our Class IV laser. A laser session takes less than 15 minutes, and results are usually noticeable after just a few treatments. Sometimes, we even see dramatic “before and after” results over the course of just one treatment. When combined with other physical therapy techniques, laser treatment offers recovery times that seemed impossible not too long ago.

Whenever we discuss laser therapy with a patient, their first question is always, “How does it work?” Patients hear the word “laser” and think of futurism rivaling the tech seen on “Star Trek.” Our Lightforce Class IV Medical Therapy Laser is a huge innovation, but it doesn’t involve the zaps and sound effects you might expect. In fact, it is completely pain-free. The laser uses natural light energy to positively affect the healing process. The process by which laser therapy accelerates healing is called photobiomodulation (PBM). That’s basically a fancy word for the act of using light energy to change the nature of your cells. Our bodies absorb light cells, called photons, and convert them into usable energy. The laser allows for a hyperconcentrated dose of photons to target the problem area. This treatment increases blood flow and cellular metabolism, reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing process. It’s important to stress that photons are not chemicals or any other type of foreign material. Rather than being unnatural, laser therapy harnesses the power of purely natural energy.

The future of physical therapy is here. Try it for yourself today.

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