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MAY 2018

MANAGERS Store Manager: David Rosario

Assistant Store Manager: John Colberg Jr.

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Welcome to the fourth edition of our newsletter. You’re receiving this because you are one of our best customers! Along with articles and information that we hope are helpful to you, we have included a page of coupons that will definitely save you money at the store. Please take a minute to turn the page and take a look at these coupons. They will help your food dollars go even further on your next couple of shopping trips. The Top 3 Ways to Save Money at In this issue of our newsletter, we give you the top three ways to save money at For five minutes every week, we can save you hundreds of dollars or more by the end of the year. Don’t miss these great tips! Save 10, 20, and Even 30 Percent off Your Grocery Bill in June Looking ahead, I wanted to give you a heads-up that we are going to begin another 10 percent

off program in June that will finish up during the Fourth of July. This is a huge savings opportunity. Every time you spend $300 in our store, your cashier will give you another 10 percent off coupon. You can earn up to three of these coupons to get 30 percent off your groceries! I was personally helping one family in one of our stores when we ran this previously, and I saw them use three of these coupons to get 30 percent off a huge grocery order (they were stocking up their pantry). They saved over $250 with this one promotion. Our wish is that you can take advantage of this promotion in a similar way. Great Low Prices on Barbecue and Warm-Weather Items We finally have some warmer weather. Old Man Winter seemed to just keep coming back this year, so I am sure you are enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures. Behind the scenes at Foodtown, our teams worked hard to switch around the displays to match the season. All the summer displays are out, and they include everything you need to enjoy


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