South Windsor Neck & Back - September 2018

With barbecues, trips to the pool, and indulging in refreshing beverages on the patio, summer is full of relaxation and fun. But those heart-pumping, muscle-building trips to the gymmay have become less frequent during the warmer months. If your workout routine went on its own summer vacation, here are three strategies to get back to it. 1. Find something you like to do. Maybe part of the reason your fitness routine took a break was because you didn’t enjoy doing it. If that’s the case, re-evaluate your options. There is no superior formof exercise, and there are plenty of options to align with your preferences. If you couldn’t get enough of hiking in national parks over the summer, join a hiking group in your community. If you prefer being on a team, look for a local adult league for your favorite sport. 2. Set yourself up for success. You would go to that 5:30 p.m. boot camp class, but it’s right in the middle of your daughter’s dance practice. Getting to the gym is half the battle, somake it easier on yourself by preparing in advance. Find a facility with a schedule that easily fits yours. If you’re planning to work out in the morning, set your clothes out the night before, and choose an energetic song for your alarm. If there’s a class after work, consider leaving an extra set of gym clothes at your office so you’ll never have an excuse not to go. Summer Did Your Workout Routine Take a Vacation? Jump Back in With These Strategies

3. Make your workout an unavoidable part of your day. It’s tempting to join your coworkers for happy hour, especially when that outdoor patio is just around the block from your office. But what if it were that easy to get to the gym? Look for facilities that are on your commute, near your work, or close to home. If it’s easy to get to, you’ll be more likely to go and still have time for that drink afterward. It may take time tomake your workout routine a seamless part of your life, but implementing some of these strategies will make it easier andmore enjoyable. You might even find yourself looking forward to back-to-the-gym season!

Posture Evaluation AND

Chiropractic Exam


Is Your Backpack Making the Grade?

FREE Exam Saturday, Sept. 15

The beginning of a new school year invites a lot of discussion of the word “back.” You say “back to school,” and “pack your backpack,” but few people stop to consider the effect that this time of year has on one of the most overworked parts of their bodies: their actual backs! That’s why our team here at South Windsor Neck & Back wants to offer free posture and backpack evaluations this month. With all the crisp, clean notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils, and dense, word-filled books weighing down your backpack this fall, our chiropractors want to make sure that those school supplies aren’t ruining your posture and that you are maintaining a healthy spine. So, be sure to clear your schedule from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 15. You can expect a posture check, a backpack size-up, and open discussion with parents. Additionally, our clinic will be providing some healthy snacks for you, as well as some great lunch recipes that you and your family can put to use this school year.

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Each student that comes will be checked individually, so bring your family, friends, relatives, and teachers, and make sure they bring their backpacks along with them!



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